New York City Train Wreck in Mysterious Derailing

New York City is left in confusion after a Metro-North train derailed in the Bronx, near the Spuyten Duyvil station on Sunday Morning, accordingly to a Metropolitan Transportation spokesmanThe train was traveling south in New York City when a total of five out of the seven cars derailed from the tracks at approximately 7:20 am on Sunday morning. According to Aaron Donovan, spokesman for the Metropolitan transportation, the train was traveling from Poughkeepsie, N.Y. on the Metro-North Hudson Line when the cars came off the tracks and the cause of the derailing is “unclear.”

Four deaths and approximately 40 injured passengers have been reported by CNN thus far although official number of deaths and those injured in the derailment has not yet been released. The fire department has said that they are unable to tell the total number of injuries and deaths.

The AP news agency has reported eyewitness Rebecca Schwartz as saying that carriages had plunged into the water. Emergency response vehicles and firefighters were present at the scene of the wreck. In contrast to these reports, photos taken by other witnesses depict no cars have plunged into the water and have only derailed.

Details regarding the amount of people traveling on the train have yet to be released. ABC has reported that the train derailed north of Manhattan and was due to arrive at its destination, Grand Central, at approximately 07:43. The five cars derailed from the track just 100 feet short of its final destination.

Metro North has tweeted that the Metro-North Hudson line is temporarily suspended. The line on which the accident took place serves Croton-Hudson, Ossining, Yonkers and Peekskill.

According to reports, The NYPD and the Fire Departments were quick to respond and have sent off large amounts of officials to the train wreck. The New York Fire Department has said that 135 firefighters and 50 units were on the scene. Mr. Donovan has said that because the train left in the early hours of a Sunday morning, just before six a.m., the number of passengers traveling in the train is unlikely to be high. He goes on to say that it is unclear as to the cause of the mysterious derailment and that a detailed investigation will follow.

All trains running between New York City’s Grand Central Terminal and the Croton-Harmon station have been temporarily suspended.

RT has reported that it was revealed during a court hearing in November that the network was in need of long-overdue maintenance. The court hearing was in the wake of a derailment that took place on May 17. This accident happened at Bridgeport when an eastbound train collided with a westbound train. 73 passengers, a conductor and two engineers were injured. Another incident took place in West Haven on May 28 when a track foreman was hit and killed by a train after having asked officials to suspend service on the area of the track he was working on.

Robert Puciloski, chief engineer, had also said during the National Transportation Safety Board hearing that the railway needed attention in multiple areas. He said that this included the cyclical maintenance plan that should be taking place every five years. Puciloski also admitted that there was no working system in place that adequately replaced the qualified railroad workers.

More details will be released as soon as officials know the wreck details surrounding what is at present a mysterious train derailing in New York City.

By Jessica Rosslee


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