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Paul Walker is no longer with us. The unfortunate events which led to the passing of Walker, along with his friend Roger Rodas, have caused a buzz to run through conspiracy circles which have latched onto apparent inconsistencies in the evidence and reports surrounding the destruction of the vehicle he and Rodas had been driving. Information regarding many of the various theories can be read within a previous Guardian Express article listed below. Fans and friends alike are now wondering what the death of Paul Walker will do to the production of the actor’s latest work, Fast and Furious 7.

A segment of the public, primarily consisting of Walker’s fans and movie buffs, seem to no be considering the ramifications of the movie star’s death. The question regarding the production of the latest film Fast and Furious 7 seems to have quickly taken people’s minds off of the topic of the actors death and onto the future of his legacy.

The memories in certain segments of cyberspace appear to be moving a little bit slower than others however. There are some questions still floating around the web regarding the circumstances surrounding the destruction of the vehicle which carried Rodas and Walker. Many of the more eclectic theories, which can be found citing gematria, cartoons, and secret societies, are not surprisingly relegated to social circles which consistently concern themselves with information of this nature.

However, there seems to be a number of well-grounded questions being asked by a more socially neutral segment of web-goers which are focused around the specific circumstances that might have caused the destruction of the vehicle itself. For more information detailing the public evidence being studied see a previous Guardian Express article which speaks in greater depth regarding that matter.

In spite of the questions which appear to be floating around the net regarding Paul Walker’s death, what to do with Fast and Furious 7 is still something that must be addressed. It may appear callous and heartless that certain people have concerned themselves with the movie information so quickly after the death of the actor, but life must go on and businesses have bottom lines which unlike humans cannot afford prolonged mourning.

Initial reports, shortly after Walker’s announced death were that the studio had decided to halt production of Fast and Furious 7 until further notice. This news left many fans and lovers of the series simply hanging in mid-air, waiting for additional information which would let them know whether to expect part 7 of the series or not. Since the initial reports, there have been many different details floating around regarding the fate of part 7.

Some of the obvious problems center around what to do with the already finished scenes of the movie now that the central actor, Paul Walker, will not be around. The producers must consider whether to keep the existing scenes which include Walker, implying that there would be some kind of mid-movie transition explaining his missing presence, or to shoot the film from scratch with an entirely new cast of characters. One piece of news that seems to have gained the attention of some fanatics is the rumor that footage from the crash which killed Walker might be included within Fast and Furious 7 itself. It is not completely clear whether or not this will  actually take place, but the possibility has many people talking.

There are some concrete factors which will weigh-in on the decisions surrounding the production of part 7. Issues to consider include insurance claims which Universal Studios, the studio working on the film, will be paid it if the decision to start over is made. While this may seem like an attractive option, considering that Universal has already sunk $150 million into the film, there is also the acting guild requirements which will influence the decision. The guilds like SAG have provisions made for actor to receive large portions of their pay if a movie is put on hold. Taking this into consideration, it would seem likely that the decision will be to keep the finished footage and resume production at the earliest possible point.

As of now, friends and fanatics alike will have to wait and see exactly what the death of their icon Paul Walker will have on Fast and Furious 7.

By Daniel Worku


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  1. Tracy   December 29, 2013 at 2:47 pm

    I think it is sick to use Paul’s actual death to sell a movie! It is morbid!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. MaceyJ   December 12, 2013 at 12:23 pm

    They plan to go on with the movie with the walker death sequence. I personally feel it is a bit of a gamble but then again it could be epic;


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