Planet Has Been Discovered That Should Not Be There

Planet Has Been Discovered That Should Not Be There

Planet Has Been Discovered That Should Not Be There

A planet has been discovered that should not be there. Astronomers have discovered a planet so strange that they say it should not even be in existence. It orbits its personal star at such an astonishing distance; it is causing some theories of planetary formation to be destroyed, stated researchers. It is unlike anything that is in our solar system.

The planet has a mass almost 12 times the size of Jupiter and an orbit over 650 times larger than the distance between the Earth and Sun. This newly discovered globe, with the “exciting” name HD 106906 b, is throwing quite a blow against existing planet formation concepts.

Research leader Vanessa Bailey stated that the planet is especially fascinating because no prior model of such a planet exists which can start to explain what it is that they are seeing. But she admitted that astronomers are extremely puzzled by the planet’s presence.

Bailey explained that scientists have always believed that planets which orbit too closely to stars have been created from dust, gas and debris from asteroids that enclose a fledgling star. They also thought this process was much too sluggish for tremendously large planets to be able to form so far away from a star in space.

The researcher and her associates’ have done much examination on the orb HD 106906 b, and all of it has been accepted to be printed in The Astrophysical Journal.

The planet known as HD 106906 b does not merge with any leading planet formation theories at this time. It is too far from its central star to have been created from any striking asteroid bodies when the star was first coming to life. The planet itself is much too large to have come from vapors in the ancient disk of its personal star.

It could have formed from a binary star system. These are made when two neighboring gas clumps collapse independently of each other and create stars. However, the stars are near enough to one another to apply gravitation attraction on each other and are bonded together in orbit. It might be possible that in HD 106906’s case, both a star and planet individually collapsed from clumps of gas, but the planet’s antecedent clump was hungry for material and was unable to become a star.

Bailey and her fellow researchers who have studied HD 106906 b and its sun believe the above scenario  is what might have happened, but they know it is just one theory.

The new planet is estimated to be about 13 million years old so it is considered young in space terms. It is still lightened from the remaining heat of its creation. In comparison, the Earth is believed to be around 4.5 billion years of age. This is about 350 the times of HD 106906 b. The high temperature that shows up from its formation is able to be seen from the Earth as ultraviolet energy. Researchers were able to use infrared cameras and also Magellan telescopes that are located in Chile to capture the planet’s imageries.

Since the planet was discovered in an area of space that has been watched before by other scientists due to another object, there is a lot of data to be found on that region. But even so, the discovered planet is so strange, it should not even be there.


By Kimberly Ruble

Nature World News

LA Times

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  1. Unquestionably believe that which you said. Your favorite reason appeared to be on the net the simplest thing to be aware of. I say to you, I definitely get irked while people consider worries that they just don’t know about. You managed to hit the nail upon the top as well as defined out the whole thing without having side effect , people can take a signal. Will probably be back to get more. Thanks

  2. OH MY GALLIFREY!!!!!!!!!! Its the Doctor’s long-lost planet!!! It’s finally found!!!

  3. We do not know if the planet is actually orange. The image in the article is an artist conception, NOT an actual photograph of the mysterious “impossible” planet.

  4. It would be very sweet indeed!

    This “impossible planet” shares some aspects with the planet Gallifrey (where the Doctor, a Time Lord, is from,) being both bigger than Earth and orange, and the weird and impossible circumstances under which it was discovered. It would be an honor for us fans of the show if scientist could name it Gallifrey.

  5. I love me some Doctor Who but I’m not up to the history of the story so… why specifically is this planet being claimed as Gallefrey? Is it cause the planet exists where it isn’t supposed to? Or if it’s just the size of the planet that’s no fun~! There’s other stories that have giant could be Greecia…if it has water on it. :b

    (But if scientists actually named it Gallefrey that would be so freaking sweet)

  6. Omg gallifrey is a real planet! Does anyone else know what this could mean?! THE DOCTOR COULD BE A REAL THING!!


  8. Not to rain on the proverbial Whovian parade, but in Doctor Who, Gallifrey is Earth-sized.

    This planet, as said in the article, is 12 times the size of Jupiter.

  9. What if the creators of doctor who knew about this planet way back when and so modeled Gallifrey after it??

  10. If scientists could name planets after Norse gods, then they should also name the planet easily. It should be Gallifrey

    1. Don’t see how. Planets are not subatomic particles and the weak nuclear force isn’t what holds solar systems together, nor is gravity what holds atoms together. You need to get the Bohr model out of your head. Real atoms aren’t like solar systems and electrons resemble clouds more than planets.

  11. They should name it Gallifrey.
    I mean, seriously, we know it isn’t that, but there must be a planet named Gallifrey.

  12. Formed in a binary star system? Has red-orange coloring? Isnt supposed to be there? Larger than jupiter? I think we all know what this means. And can I just… Gallifrey.

  13. Dearly beloved Doctor Who fans. This planet is belived too young to be Gallifrey (13 million years? Please in the show it is said that Gallifey existed long before Earth) so could you just please not spam this news with your excited and awesome (but tiring) comments? Thank you 🙂

    1. You seem to be forgetting that this is the Gallifrey trapped in a pocket universe — that is to say, we ARE the pocket universe — and all that frozen in time nastiness probably has a devastating effect on how we can perceive it.

    1. sorry but “god” doesn’t create planets. if you read a little more carefully, it says how this planet was formed.

      1. Actually, if you really read carefully (and/or use your brain at all) you will realize that the method of planet formation stated in this article is simply a theory (an idea not supported by much evidence). Please reserve your comments for use on topics in which you have a clue. Thank you.

        1. Actually, an idea not supported by much evidence is a hypothesis. Scientific theories are some of the most reliable and comprehensive forms of scientific knowledge. Your use of the word “Theory” is incorrect, and your animosity towards swagnebula is not only inappropriate, but is backed by ignorance, which makes it completely false. Far be it from me to tell you where you can and cannot comment, I will give you this piece of advice:

          “It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.”

      2. Would it not be reasonable as well that God used that (hypothesized) process to create the planet?
        I mean nothing really just appears, it has to be built. The same way that God could have used the same process to build the planet.

        Or it could be Gallifrey. lol. jk. Either way

    2. Well, it’s a big deal simply because it’s not “just another planet.”
      Whether you believe in God or not, this planet is VERY different from any others we’ve happened across, and doesn’t seem to obey a lot of the rules we thought plants had to follow.
      it’s a big deal because it’s different, and now we have all this new stuff to figure out and incorporate into the knowledge we’ve already gathered about the universe. 🙂

      1. It’s a planet that’s still in its teen years. So it’s not that strange for it to be a rebel.

  14. Okay guys, i’m a huge Doctor Who fan myself, but chill out. It’s not Gallifrey. Even if it is a planet connected to an alien society, it still wouldn’t be Gallifrey. Doctor Who is fiction.

    1. Gee NEXT thing is YOU’LL be telling us that Santa and the Easter Bunny aren’t real either ..

    You did it Doctor!!!
    I mean: YOU DID IT DOCTORS!!!

    1. Gallifrey is a fictional planet from the hit British science-fiction show Doctor Who, in which an alien species called Timelords, were destroyed in the Time War, along with their homeworld, Gallifrey. However, in the most recent episode that aired on Nov. 23, 2013, it was shown that Gallifrey was never destroyed at all, but instead is hidden away in a pocket universe after the Doctor, also a Timelord, called upon his past selves to freeze Gallifrey in a moment in time to save his people.

  16. dr who is crap and all of you faggoty little queers need to shoot yourselves in the head and ensure you dont reproduce.

    1. You’ve got some issues to work out my friend. You read new planet discovered and attack a television drama… Well played.

    2. I hope your parents taught you; if you have nothing nice to say, keep it to yourself. Get off this website, and leave whovians alone.

    3. Sometimes, I guess Doctor Who does portray the senseless, idiotic side of Humanity. *slow clap* Good job mate. You’re oh so mature.

  17. ITS GALLIFREY OKAY ITS EVEN THE SAME COLOUR AS GALLIFREY, IT IS GALLIFREY. now matt doesnt have to go hunting for gallifrey!!!!

  18. If Gallifrey doesn’t strike your nerd-fancy (why wouldn’t it?!) then I would put in a case for Magrathea as an alternative planetary option!

  19. I’m pretty sure a billion Whovians are going to flip if this isn’t name Gallifrey. We should prevent that and go ahead and name it Gallifrey. c:

  20. Oh. OH. You are BRILLIANT! Yowzah! I was just having a cup of tea at Clara’s place, pondering how many decades it might take me to find my home, when suddenly she just starts grinning at me from behind her laptop. So I ask her what it is, expecting it to be a joke or maybe one of those ridiculous cat pictures. But no, what have you humans done? Only gone and found Gallifrey! Imagine that! There’s me, expecting to wander round for years in my time machine, and you humans just point your funny little telescopes up at the sky, and just happen to see that microscopic fragment of the universe that I was looking for… you humans never fail to amaze me. So thank you. Thank you, people of Earth, on behalf of the citizens of Gallifrey. You are just FANTASTIC!

    Oh, and please sign this piece of the internet to convince your leaders to acknowledge the true name of my planet. What did they want to call us? HD 106906 b? That’s rubbish. Gallifrey is a much cooler name.

    Now, I’m off to save a planet. GERONIMO!

  21. It’s waaaaaaaay to young to be Gallifrey, it’s 350x younger than earth, does that sound like a planet that an elder species could be from?

    1. You seem to be forgetting that this is the Gallifrey trapped in a pocket universe — that is to say, we ARE the pocket universe — and all that frozen in time nastiness probably has a devastating effect on how we can perceive it.

    2. Time? Age? Psssh. It’s all wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey stuff. It’s only that old RIGHT NOW. It could easily loop back and be older in the past. It’s simple, really.

    3. perhaps Time Lords lived on a different planet before? It’s possible that the old one was destroyed by some means (maybe the Time War?) and they relocated.

  22. It amazes me how an incredible scientific breakthrough was just made that literally has scientist rethinking the way planets are formed and all people can comment about is doctor who…

  23. If its name isn’t Gallifrey, no one from our generation will bother to acknowledge that it’s not actually named Gallifrey.

  24. I’m sorry,but “It could have formed from a binary star system”? Guess which planet has twin suns… I’m not saying Gallifrey,but I guess we should just call this planet “Gallifrey”.

  25. You know how many children you would give hope if you named it gallifrey??? Please please please name it gallifrey we beg off you please!

  26. If it is not called Gallifrey the whole of the Doctor Who fandom, and cast, and crew will have the biggest fit ever!!!! IT MUST BE NAMED GALLIFREY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. this generation is going to mess up the planet. Honestly science discovers a new planet and all you can think about is doctor who -n-

    1. You do realize how old Doctor Who is right? It isn’t just “this generation.” The show is 50 years old and has fans spanning many, many generations. And goodness, people are in fact allowed to have an imagination, right? Oh wow, people are enjoying themselves. Must be a sign of the apocalypse.
      Honestly, stop being so pretentious and get over yourself.

      1. And anyway, the name changing thing, the petition, that’s not how it works the person who actually found this planet deserve to name it. You know, the person with the PHD and knowledge. Not the dr who fandom just because they like dr who . Who knows, maybe they will rename it but I doubt it

  28. And of course they’re going to conveniently forget that wandering exoplanets that have been slingshotted away from their parent star due to gravitational forces *never* get captured by other stars and go into orbit around said stars. ಠ_ಠ

    1. it is possible the size of the planet and the size of it’s orbit as well as the speed of it’s orbit makes the rogue planet theory unlikely in this case.

  29. we’re all from Tumblr, it’s true isn’t it.
    We will be your testers to see if it’s possible to live on this planet I promise on behalf of all of these people that we will not fail you
    Just check for Daleks pls #dalekhate

  30. we shall name it Gallifrey and it will be our Gallifrey and i shall keep him and care for him and Defend it against the daleks


  32. Why in the world is it in any way similar to Gallifrey? It is unusual in that it is hard to describe its placement using conventional theories of planet formation, but it’s not like it randomly miraculously popped into the existence. And what we know of Gallifrey, it orbits a binary star system, close enough to be habitable. It is terrestrial and has atmosphere to create day-night cycle we are familiar with. This planet literally has none of these things.

    1. Gallifrey didn’t just get misplaces; it completely moved. Otherwise the Doctor would have a MUCH easier job at finding it.

  33. Ah, yes, hello there. It’s me. Hi, err… So I wanted to visit my planet but I’m having a few problems with the Tardis. See, there’s this girl I want to find. She’s my daughter, Jenny. There was an accident, and she’s probably going to die if I don’t get to her. Can someone help me get there. I’m going to need a companion

  34. If you scientist people name this mysterious planet Gllifrey, you will literally have millions of people in the Doctor Who fandom at your feet and probably wanting to go to that planet in a spaceship. SO BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU NAME IT BECAUSE GALLIFREY STANDS!

  35. We’re all from tumblr aren’t we.

    It’s like the episode The Impossible Planet with the thing orbiting the black hole.

    Also… Rose/ Pete’s universe is three years ahead of the Doctor’s. What if we’re in a parallel and the Doctor has already found it? And that’s why it was just found?

  36. To the one that left the note about it being a gas giant, if you read the article it says that the planet is still on fire from its creation. This does not necessarily mean that it is a gas giant. It means that the planet is still forming. So therefore we do not know if it is going to become a gas giant or a terrestrial planet until it is finished forming, so it could be called Gallifrey.

  37. GALLIFREY!!!! its nice to finally see the planet that doctor abandoned me to go to

  38. Gallifrieus-Autonorbos… The Autonomous Planetoid… pre-universal singularity… Lord of Planets… Conqueror of Space-Time irregularities… The entire planet is a TARDIS!!!


  39. It literally HAS to be named Gallifrey. It has to. Make up for them naming Pluto’s moons “Kerberos” and “Styx” instead of Vulcan. Sheesh.

  40. The comments are all about Gallifrey. All I want to see is blue boxes coming from its direction.


  42. Please don’t call it as “Gallifrey”. It’s a gas giant and every whovian should know Gallifrey is a terrestrial planet.

  43. Welp at least we know where the Doctor hid Gallifrey.
    Gallifrey Falls No More!
    Funny how this happens after the 50th special 😉

  44. Perhaps the planet comes from a different universe where the civilization experimented on teleportation and cause the whole planet to disappear from their universe and come into ours. Scary stuff huh?

  45. -ohhhh Thanks for the spooilers !!!! now we know The Doctor found Gallifrey !!!!

    1. actually we dont know if he found it yet, he goes looking for it after finding out that he did in fact save it durring the 50th

  46. Guess the Whoavians are going to beg to have it named Gallifrey. It’s a very nice idea, though, since it does look like it.


    Think about it, the Doctors all moved Gallifrey about two weeks ago and suddenly this new planet that looks EXACTLY the same turns up now? This just proves that there really is a mad man flying around in a blue box saving the universe.

  48. I guess it’s really not a big planet, but a very small and young star. it’s such a small star that it was attracted by other star’s orbit, and maybe had his ‘dust’ stolen by this stellar system. I wonder if it can get bigger after a ‘while’.

  49. We finally discovered Gallifrey. It was discovered recently but who said, that it was there before?? What if it just popped up?? I tell you, it is Gallifrey and we should inform the Doctor.

  50. A gas giant 300 light-years away, and missing a Sun. Yep, light totally travels back in time and is retroactively on its journey after the planet is replaced…

  51. I totally agree with everyone else. The scientific community & the powers that be, simply HAVE to rename this impossible planet Gallifrey. It’s just too incredible. This planet should not exist, but it does, and as far as i’m concerned, until they give it a proper name, it is Gallifrey!

  52. Dear all astronomers …You need to call it Gallifrey due to the fact that it is exactly like our given discription of our Doctor’s home planet…
    Yours Faithfully
    Whovians of the world

  53. If there is a petition to name this Gallifrey, count me and about 1000 of my Twitter followers in! 8-D #GallifreyFallsNoMore

  54. What kind of name is HD 106906 b? Anytime I hear someone call it that I’m going to be all like “You mean Gallifrey.”

  55. This must mean that we are in a alternate universe where there’s no people on other planets. UNTILL now.

  56. You have to go like thirty comments back to find something not about Gallifrey, and when you do, it’s about Christians talking about god. So technically everyone believes someone of higher power made this planet appear.

  57. I really want this planet to be named Gallifrey. Even if it just an honorary name, or a nickname, there really needs to be a Gallifrey out there in the universe. Doctor Who is legendary, award winning, record breaking, and global, and this planet deserves something special and supernatural as its name, How better to honor its existence than by dubbing it the home planet of our beloved time travelling alien, The Doctor? Years from now, when I have grandchildren, and I tell them about my favorite show growing up, I want to tell them that we found the planet that The Doctor was from. Do it for the fandom!

  58. I theorize that the Doctors from the other universe unknowingly put THEIR Gallifrey into THIS universe! THIS IS THE IMPOSSIBLE PLANET: Gallifrey. they should really name it that. It has the characteristics of it just by it’s size and appearance and rareity. Whovians rock! 😀

    1. TRUTH. I’m not sayin’ it’s true….but it’s totally true. xD It’s just such a weird coincidence. This planet is totally Gallifrey and the Doctors oopsed and put it in our universe!

  59. Guys, stop making comments about how God created everything and science is wrong. I am Christian and yes it is true that God made everything. But even still, you have to respect other people. Science is not completely wrong. God made the resources, science made them to create wonderful things. Science brought us the tools that have helped us along through the centuries. Science brought us the computer you are using, the internet, cellphones, cars and so much more. Science helps us to reach out into the universe and see all of his wonderful creations. Although science’s theories disagree with our beliefs, we still need to accept theirs the same we expect them to respect ours.

    1. The thing is, so many of these “scientists” try to leave God out of it, which causes a lot of young people to leave the church completely the minute they go to college and get force-fed evolution.

      Science itself can be good, but it can be misused.

      1. That’s funny, cause I don’t see many conflicts between science and religion. Science created us, but who created science? There’s still room for God. As for evolution, it only tells us that we evolved from more basic forms of life, but it does not tell us where the first life forms on Earth came from. You could say they were created. You could also think of creationism as God working on a “project”, and each step in evolution would be him making an “upgrade” to his creation.

        People have this misconception that science and atheism are the same, but they are completely different.

      2. the thing is, you were being asked to give respect to those who believe otherwise. furthermore they arnt force fed information. they have a choice to believe what they learn in college, their goal is just to know what science says, not to believe it. iif someone chooses to believe god had nothing to do with the universe, then let them believe it, have some respect, or are you one of those fake religious people who believe in everything in the bible but think its ok to do/say what ever you want because someone died ages ago for your sins -_- so please, just have some respect, leave it at that. if you give respect, you get respect

      1. Negative, my scanners picked out the planet’s heat signature long before you arrived! Your nonsense has been noted for future reference.

  60. It’s Gallifrey. Denial isn’t even plausible right now. It’s fothermucking Gallifrey.

  61. As a Chridtian and a believer that there must be a God, I do not fear science an discovery. I believe that is what man should do, discover how we can use for the good of mankind (albeit sometimes discovery is used for evil intent)what we have been given. It seems however science is used to always start from a point that there is no God and what we are left with is the superior mind of “man” along with his pride and desires for fame and honor who always seems surprised by new discovery not in agreement with previous “theory” such as Darwinism.

  62. Whaaat? a planet that is not supposed to be there??? W…[email protected]$#@%F. well we all know what is to be done. With the bravery and universal knowledge of Sarah Palin and the Mavericky Maverick fighter pilot John Mccain, we will send John with his own custom built fully loaded eco friendly ( due to fuel prices and contamination issues ) fighter jet to the space to find that planet and teach universe, that when a planet is not suppose to be there then it should not be there, and that will also warn the aliens from possible attacking the Earth when they learn that we still got guys and girls like sarah and john on earth. We might even warn God a little to get this game’s end together and John , Sarah’s mavericky maverick tell Him that America wont let another one play god and guardian. Get Him John.

  63. Proverbs 25:2 It is God’s privilege to conceal things and the king’s privilege to discover them.

    The “christians” who downplay these discoveries are only jealous. The humans who make these discoveries are privileged and they know it and they feel it. The person-of-faith should stand side by side marveling with the scientist. Unraveling the mysterious of the universe is the privilege of kings, don’t keep yourself from these amazing experiences. And don’t try to discourage them. Just because the “rabbit-hole” is without end doesn’t mean you should turn back.

  64. There are supposedly rogue planets floating around in interstellar space. Perhaps this mystery planet used to be one and was captured by the star in question.

  65. Could another theory that planet HD 106906 b shares multiple orbits in different surrounding solar systems meaning it’s being pulled in multiple directions therefore having a large orbit around 2+ stars. I’m curious to see what they’d find should they track its entire orbit God willing. Either way awesome find.

  66. Please don’t tease the public with strange discoveries when in fact there is at least one plausible explanation of a binary star system. Please sell sensationalism to someone else.

  67. Really? People still try to bring the “God” argument into science? Even in this day and age when things can be scientifically proven and yet the Bible is still nothing but a book with no evidence or proof whatsoever? Even with the known existence of the missing books of the Bible with go against the very teachings of the Bible in its present form? It’s amazing to me the ignorance of some people in the face of undeniable facts…

    1. the bible isn’t what that is questioned as your argument is very weak at best.
      you do not know real science and neither do most scientists because science is simply the observation of and not the explanation of but discussion to determine…the possibilities…so take your biases and leave them in the weak argument that you presented as science does not prove the bible nor can it but the science of the bible is amazingly accurate. you are the bit of dust blowing in the breeze of weak science….
      Design requires a designer like it or not ….

      1. Look guys, I’m also Christian and through I believe in God’s creation of everything, you cannot just through away science. it has brought us many wonderful things through God’s resources. If you are a true Christian you will not throw away everything the science finds, but will instead marvel at it in the same way scientist do. It is an amazing thing and though we cannot agree with scientists on everything, we can at least find a common grounds such as a new discovery.

    2. Hmm. I feel you should look into this topic more before making such a remark. When you say the “missing books of the Bible” are you referring to the nag Hammado codices? Gnosticism was a cult that arose after the formation of the early Christian church. They believed that Jesus taught something other than what the eywitnesses and their disciple taught, and thus wrote their books accordingly. Notice that the rise of Gnosticism is now dated in the second century, whereas current sayings for the books of the New Testament range between 50 an 100 CE. It is also demonstrated that the books make claims which are inconsistent with historical fact and thus untenable. If you are referring to the apocrypha, they do not “go against” what the Bible teaches; there are usually just a couple questionable details that demonstrate a potential lack of divine inspiration.

      And if you want to talk about ignorance in the face of undeniable facts, try this out for size: creationists have been arguing for perhaps decades now that the universe is far too fine-tuned to have just started. People like you laughed at us. But do you even realize that the current understanding among prominent physicists is that there is no way a universe as ideal as ours could have been created in a spontaneous reaction. So they admit that we were right all along. And yet they cannot accept the idea of a creator…instead they propose something which cannot be called a theory because it’s not falsifiable: the idea of an infinite or near infotech number of alternate universes. At lest claims made by Christianity can be more or less tested (the veracity f the Bible, etc.).

  68. The planet is there because there is an ultimate creator who does what he pleases. God created the universe. Its not that the planet shouldn’t be there, its just that scientist, though smart in human or worldly terms, will never have the answers or ability to explain the wonders and work’s of God… Especially when they deny his existence. They are blind and without understanding as God has shown over and over when they are stumped without “answers”. We may think we know, they may believe they have made discoveries and found answer’s about the universe… but we’re all clueless …unless we have the mind, wisdom, understanding and almighty power that God has. Done.

    1. Love how God continually keeps evolutionary scientists baffled and backpedaling. His marvelous Creation is always throwing their worldview into a tailspin. They can’t understand because they are not God. Pride keeps them from Faith in His awesome mysteries. Praise You Father in Heaven for confounding the foolish wisdom of man.

      1. And this is why religious people are dangerous. Lets not try to figure anything out and just worship God. Have you ever thought that maybe God make the universe and all thing observable and eventually understandable so that we will learn and evolve? The computer you are typing on to share your dumb thoughts was made possible by millions of years of human beings studying nature and learning from it to become something more than cave dwelling berry eating cavemen. You should put down you fairy tale book and do some thought exercises for the good of everyone.

    2. ALewis, I’m glad that this situation is figured out. Next topic. We should never consider looking into other alternatives or research because of this reasoning. Oh dang, my shoe laces are untied, I hate when god does that to me. It definitely wasn’t the fact that I stepped on my shoe lace. Now that this dilemma is figured out we should also point out all the other things scientific that we haven’t figured out and give god credit. We as human beings aren’t capable of researching, it is much easier to just give god credit. I’m glad we never figured out other phenomenon like electric fields, magnetic fields, forces, etc. we are obviously too dumb and shouldn’t even try.

      1. Way to misunderstand his comment…I love your this is just a failed reductio ad absurdum. He’s merely saying that if realized that a Creator IS the cause of all this, we would more or less expect these unexpected occurrence, because we would realize the limitation of our own knowledge and understanding. Few Christians would tell you we shouldn’t conduct scientific research…as we believe that creation is good, so do we believe that exploring and understanding that creation is good. We’re not frickin’ Gnostics or anything.

    3. Or maybe this is a pretty normal thing and we just weren’t there to see it? I wonder if the first time a newborn baby sees the faint outlines of it’s mother’s face, it believes itself to have discovered God. If you want to have a conversation about how we “know” something, then that is a conversation for philosophy, not theology. To invoke “God” in this context is just a not-so-clever way of saying, “I don’t need a reason.” But what the heck does that have to do with gravity? Or is that just something silly scientists made up?

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