Shane Del Rosario Dead After Cardiac Arrest

Shane Del Rosario Dead at 30

Shane Del Rosario, a popular heavyweight in the UFC, is reported to have passed away after several days in a coma. The fighter suffered a cardiac arrest on November 26 and was placed on life-support. After the life-support machines were disconnected on November 29, Del Rosario lived unassisted for the next 10 days, despite showing no brain activity. He passed away today.

The talented athlete was the first American to become the WBC Muay Thai Heavyweight champion in 2007, and had a mixed-martial arts record of 13-2, competing in several MMA organizations, including Strikeforce and the UFC. Del Rosario had been inactive since being rear-ended by a drunk driver in 2011, and was recently slated for a comeback fight against Guto Inocente at UFC 168, until an injury forced him to withdraw. Shane Del Rosario heavyweight MMA fighter and kickboxing champion, is dead at age 30.

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