Justin Bieber History for Selena Gomez , Chooses Austin Mahone

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Selena Gomez is no longer a Bilieber and Justin Bieber just became history for the lady. Teen singer Austin Mahone is reported to have jumped ahead of the Baby singer for winning Gomez’s heart over with a little bit of help from Taylor Swift.

The couple are rumored to have been set up by Swift who it seems to be on top from in playing the cupid. Earlier last summer, Swift played a bestie to her BFF by setting her up with Ed Sheeran and she seems to have pulled another coup with Gomez and Mahone.

The couple are rumored to be seeing each other and have decided to keep their fledgling romance under wraps for the time being. Recently spotted at the Beats Music concert, they played cat and mouse with the media and sneaked out of the venue separately only to end up together in one car.

As per reports by US Magazine, 21-year-old Gomez and 17-year-old Mahone have hit it off well after formal introductions through common friend and confidant Taylor Swift. Sources are finally confirming the romantic link-up between the two after a brief rumor surfaced last summer about them being an item. The rumor was fueled by reports of both Gomez and Mahone being spotted together in Disneyland while enjoying each other’s company in a group trip to the fantasy park.

Justin Bieber is yet to respond to the news of him being history for Selena Gomez. However, he would have little to complain as he is currently on his way back from Panama after a group vacation which included his rumored current flame Chantel Jeffries. That, Gomez chose to move on in life with Austin Mahone would only bring delight to Gomez’ s fans.

It should be remembered that Justin Bieber did get a shock ultimatum from Selena Gomez to either give up his wayward life to enter rehab or lose her forever. Bieber frolicking around the beaches of Panama with a bikini clad Jeffries, soon after having a word with Gomez was enough to indicate the choice that Bieber had made.

The story reported that Gomez wished him well and continued to support him in his delusional ways. However, desiring to help him only from a distance and not wanting to get involved directly with his activates, Gomez would have hoped that Bieber would turn a new leaf.

Fans of Gomez and Mahone are also tweeting congratulatory messages on the web for the couple and are finding the couple “quite cute.” Gomez’s fans are especially welcoming the news since they wanted her to completely move away from the troubled Justin Bieber.

Gomez, who had a word with Seventeen magazine, had expressed her views on what she is searching for in a new boyfriend. She also added that she needed time to figure out what she wanted from life and a new relationship after a “really bad breakup” with Justin Bieber. She indicated that now she feels ready to move into another relationship and also move away from Bieber.

Gomez said that she also talked to Katy Perry for some relationship advice, especially about guys who get intimidated by strong girls. She said that she wanted to date someone who is able to align better with her lifestyle, would love her and would not feel threatened by her persona.

If rumors are proven correct and Selena Gomez has indeed chosen and found love again with Austin Mahone then it can only prove good for the hurt broken Gomez to move past her past history with Justin Bieber. With petitions to deport Justin Bieber pouring in and the egg throwing incident reaching its final stage of investigation, Bieber’s trouble seem to have no ending in sight. It could be time for Bieber to accept the invite to the Tennessee farm by Billy Ray Cyrus and get back some of his lost mojo as well.

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