Justin Bieber Jet Checked for Weed

Justin Bieber Jet

A private jet carrying pop star Justin Bieber was searched when it touched down at New Jersey’s Teterboro airport allegedly reeking of marijuana.  According to various reports, Bieber’s jet was detained and searched after officials thought they smelled marijuana onboard. A team of drug-sniffing canines was brought out to thoroughly check the jet which had carried Bieber and entourage from his native Canada to New Jersey to attend the Superbowl. No drugs were found during the search, and Bieber and friends were released without further incident.

This comes on the heels of Bieber’s recent arrest in Miami for DUI, resisting arrest and drag-racing charges. Bieber reportedly admitted to drinking, smoking pot and taking prescription pills when he was arrested in a rented Lamborghini. Bieber also had to turn himself in to Toronto authorities after being charged with striking a limo driver in Canada.

The young star has pleaded not guilty to the Florida charges and will be arraigned there on February 14th. After his jet was checked for weed, he went on to, reportedly, to attend Superbowl-related parties. This year’s superbowl between Denver and Seattle, two cities that allow recreational use of marijuana, has been dubbed by some The Weed Bowl.

By Mark Clarke

LA Times

CBS News

New York Daily News

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