Justin Bieber’s Managers Urge Singer Into Therapy



Justin Bieber’s managers and handlers reportedly are urging the singer to return to Los Angeles so he can begin therapy.  The singer was arrested Thursday in Miami for several offenses including DUI.  Sources close to Bieber have told media outlets that his friends and management staff have been trying to get the celebrity to enter a recovery program for months.  Convinced he doesn’t need it, Bieber has refused to discuss the issue.

His representatives are also hoping that a judge might intervene and order Bieber to enter a recovery program.  This may not happen depending on the severity of the latest Miami offenses. But if the egging case is filed with law enforcement as a felony, it is possible that a rehab center could be included in any type of plea bargaining that happens.

Justin Bieber isn’t the first celebrity to be haunted with substance abuse problems, and he won’t be the last.  Many celebrities before Bieber decided to follow some type of recovery program in order to overcome an assortment of substance abuse related problems haunting them.

Currently, only Bieber and his managers know the chances of the pop-star entering therapy, but if he does decide to go that route, he can follow the lead of other celebrities and enter a holistic program.

While treatment programs have been around for decades, holistic treatment is one of the newer models available. The holistic model combines a variety of tools, techniques and resources to help the patient fully recover.

Provided in both group and individual settings, holistic programs  are seeing high percentages of successful treatment outcomes.  Success is measured by noting the number of patients still clean and sober on their one year anniversary of completing treatment.

Holistic treatment programs utilize a variety of natural and organic healing techniques which are designed to remove drugs and toxins from a person.

Patients in a holistic program have the opportunity to deal with the underlying spiritual, mental, physical and emotional struggles that led them to seek relief through substance abuse in the first place.  Yoga, acupuncture and meditation are just a few of the ways that holistic recovery programs help treat the entire person.

NIDA, the National Institute on Drug Abuse, explains that holistic recovery programs help patients identify their  triggers which lead to substance abuse, stop the abuse early, find alternatives to illegal substance use and develop a long term recovery plan.

Top holistic recovery centers combine traditional treatments such as round-the-clock medical care, drug detoxification and individual/group therapy.  Well rounded programs accomplish this through nutritional therapy, exercise routines, spiritual counseling, yoga, meditation and Tai Chi.

A holistic program places the focus on how an individual connects with nature.  Because of this, most holistic programs are located in peaceful settings such as the mountains or near bodies of water.

When looking for a rehab and recovery center, NIDA recommends several things to check into.  First, review the treatment options available.  Holistic facilities provide a variety of levels of care to best meet the patient’s needs.

Patients with severe substance abuse issues may need inpatient care which allows them to reside at a holistic recovery facility during the entire detoxification period.  Partial-day programs are also available where the patient spends half a day at the recovery facility; there is typically a minimal disruption to daily life activities in a partial-day program.  An outpatient program allows the patient to participate for a few hours each week for several months.

Premier holistic programs provide one-on-one counseling and activities.  The top programs focus more on individualized therapies and are based on the foundation that substance abuse should be treated in varying formats to be most successful.

Today, patients have a variety of options within the holistic treatment modality.  Gender specific programs can allow the focus to be on recovery without being distracted.  Teen recovery programs specialize on the needs of the teenage substance abuser and religious recovery programs build on a spiritual foundation as a path towards recovery and relapse prevention.

A top-flight recovery program will require aftercare for up to two years.  Aftercare is a weekly meeting where individuals who have successfully made it through the primary recovery model can get help maintaing sobriety.  Normally conducted as a group therapeutic session, trained counselors facilitate the weekly meetings.

Justin Bieber’s managers and handlers have made every indication they are concerned about the boy singer from Canada, and are urging him into rehab.  Regardless of which route Bieber takes, he will have millions of fans watching.

By Jerry Nelson

Daily Mail

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  1. magister ludi   January 25, 2014 at 12:34 pm

    what the young master must realize is that he now has the bulls eye on his back- right or wrong he is a target for the cops. but more ominous is his own self destruction. being a star is self destructive. you start believing you are a star- you expect priviledges, and if you are not careful the fall from the high wire will be long and painful.

    stop running with the thugs- they will ruin your life then laugh at you. they always do.

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