Ken Ham and Creationism Will Take Bill Nye to Church

Ken Ham

The February 4th debate between Ken Ham and Bill Nye, creationism vs. evolution, nears. Despite having “mountains of evidence” and “peer-reviewed papers you could stack to the moon” as stated on the blog of The Richard Dawkins Foundation, Bill Nye has no chance of coming out of the debate the winner. Ken Ham will, as the saying goes, take Bill Nye to church.

The debate has been met with some criticism. The Richard Dawkins Foundation, especially, believes that the event is pointless, and putting creationism on the same podium as evolution helps add credibility to its position. Nevertheless, the much talked about debate will go on.

Heading into the event, both debaters made some good points of where they stand. On one corner is Ken Ham, the president of Answers in Genesis and the Creation Museum. The creationist mentioned that he is shocked whenever seeing youth leave church after being taught evolution.

Meanwhile, Bill Nye “the Science Guy” said in an interview with The Associated Press that Americans will not continue to innovate if students are raised to ignore all the knowledge about the universe and nature “for some ancient text.” Unfortunately, Bill Nye has no chance to win the debate, primarily due to his background and the setting of the Feb. 4th event.

The debate will be held at the Creation Museum, which Ken Ham is president and CEO of. Thus, expect the audience to be in overwhelming favor of Ham, applauding loudly at every attempt of an argument he makes. Such as the case for many creationists, Ham will shout nonsense and ignore anything Bill Nye says and use complicated language to make him seem intelligent. Ken Ham will shove the bible down people’s throats, take them to church, spread creationism, and give inspiring speeches to get them to rise on their feet. Considering this will be at Ham’s home court, makes this point even more likely.

Bill Nye’s background does not help with his chances. The “Science Guy” has only a bachelor’s degree in engineering. Yes, he is smart, but as The Richard Dawkins Foundation points out, “he does not practice any forms of research science.” RDF adds that all though Nye has contributed greatly to the field of education, he does not have the credentials to be the voice for evolution.

The big difference maker in the debate is how much Nye understands the other side of creationism, something that is as key in a debate as knowing one’s own material. The home crowd will eat up Ken Ham’s nonsense, and Bill Nye will have to be ready to come up with a counter argument that will appeal to the other side. Presenting facts point by point will not be enough.

Chances are, more evolution supporters will show up than expected at the debate on Ken Ham’s home turf, considering that the number of Americans who support evolution almost doubles the percentage of creationists; 60 percent as opposed to 33 percent. However, the side that will be most open to both Ken Ham’s and Bill Nye’s arguments are those who believe in evolution, but yet, also believe that God played some kind of role in it, which makes up roughly a quarter of Americans.

Currently, things are looking bleak for Bill Nye, and it seems Ken Ham will take him to church with the home crowd behind him. Either way, the two personalities should be applauded for bringing creationism and evolution to the table in what will hopefully be an entertaining debate.

Editorial By Kollin Lore


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