Medical Marijuana Users Fight

Medical Marijuana
Medical marijuana users fight daily for their life for the legal right to use prescription “weed” for illnesses and relief of pain while some lawmakers fight against legalizing medical marijuana projecting the possibility of illegal activity. The Republican vote is needed to help the millions needing medical marijuana to continue getting relief. USA Today reported that 20 states and the District of Columbia allow the use of medical marijuana. However, medical marijuana is still illegal under federal law, but the federal law takes action when marijuana is sold to minors or used in trafficking. Outside of serving minors and/or trafficking, the federal law might see marijuana charges on medical marijuana users as a waste of taxpayer dollars. Tennessee supporters are unable to understand why the Republicans are fighting relief for citizens in need. Medical marijuana users continue to fight with everything they have.

It is possible that when a citizen calls the police for smelling marijuana coming from a neighbor’s home in the state of California, it is unlikely that the police will respond to come to investigate. Medical marijuana has been said to help with serious diseases such as Crohns disease, according NewsChannel5. It goes onto report this herb relieves seizures and severe pain. The state of California is one of the 20 states which allows the use of medical marijuana. The lawmakers in the 20 states that allow smoking weed for a cure or relief understand the need for this herb.

The other side to the coin is there are those medical marijuana users who take advantage of the law and are not really ill. They puff and pass for recreation, not as a way to relieve serious pain or side effects. Republican Governor Rick Scott reported to the Miami Herald that he has great empathy for those battling difficult diseases; however, he will not send the state of Florida down this path, because he has seen the effects of alcohol abuse and drug use first hand. Lawmakers are split between helping those in need of marijuana and questioning the integrity of the users.

Lawmakers are making character judgments about people who might be paralyzed or fighting serious illnesses, and who use medical marijuana simply to ease the burden of these illnesses or injuries. Medical marijuana users fight to change the minds of lawmakers so they can live.

One man’s actions should not determine the welfare of another. Regulating patients who really need marijuana as opposed to con artists with a habit might be difficult for doctors. Maintaining the control of medical marijuana prescriptions presents a problem for health care providers, because one slip up by prescribing medical marijuana to an adult who sells it to a minor that gets arrested for possession; the heat has to fall somewhere and on someone.

Less than half of the United States has recognized the need to legalize medical marijuana. Lawmakers and medical marijuana users both present a point of view. Medical marijuana users will continue to fight for their life while some lawmakers will always have the power to determine who lives.

Editorial by Meleika Gardner

USA Today
Miami Herald

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  1. Sergio McGeez   February 3, 2014 at 7:16 am

    Sounds like a 2 different perspective and it makes sense that our world would make it proliferate. Good info. Thanks.


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