Pakistan Police Say Death Toll Has Risen to 18 in Bombing


Pakistan Police say death toll from a Shiite bombing on pilgrims has now reached 18.

Police report a bus was hit by a bomb in a Shiite pilgrim fulled vehicle in West Pakistan. Officer Mohammed Aslam says the bomb was planted along a road in a car when the buses driving from Iran passed through Dren Garh of the Mastung district Tuesday.

According to Aslam, the wreckage included a damaged bus. Aslam said the number of deaths could increase, with 24 in critical condition.

Quetta is near Dren Garh, and it is the province’s Baluchistan capital.

Living in Baluchistan are several ethic nationalists in demand of greater autonomy. Also operating in the region are Islamist militants.

By Kollin Lore



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