‘Pokémon the Series: XY’ U.S. Air Date Coming Soon

Pokemon the Series: XY

While Pokémon the Series:  XY is already well underway in Japan, with 11 episodes under its belt, the series is set to air for the first time in the U.S. later this month.  The new season of the popular anime series will premiere on January 18 at 8:30 a.m. (ET, PT) on the Cartoon Network.

Although Pokémon the Series:  XY is the 17th season in the series, it is the first season of the XY series.

Like always, it follows Ash Ketchum and his best buddy Pikachu as they go on adventures together, this time to the Kalos region.  Here, they will meet new friends (Clement and Bonnie) as well as old (Ash’s childhood friend, Serena).  Along the way, Ash will be able to catch new Kalos region pokémon as well as fight new rivals, eventually competing in the Kalos Leauge and uncovering the secret of Mega Evolution.  Team Rocket baddies Jesse and James, of course, will still be a part of the series.

Among the pokémon that will appear in the series are:  Froakie, Fletchling, Fennekin, Dedenne, Bunnelby Pumpkaboo, Inkay and Chespin.

Some of the characters who are slated to appear, other than the main characters, include:  Professor Sycamore, Alexa, Viola, Officer Jenny, Nurse Joy, Giovanni, Matori, Professor Oak, Delia Ketchum, Grace and Limone (Blaziken Mask).

The newly-added main characters promise to be quite interesting.  Clement is a genius inventor who has a younger sister named Bonnie, while Ash’s friend Serena is a young trainer just starting out on her first adventure.

Ash will have many exciting adventures in this new region, which appears to be based upon the country of France.  For example, when he first enters Lumiose City, modeled upon the city of Paris, he immediately wants to challenge the gym there.  Unfortunately, he quickly finds himself getting thrown of the gym by a robot.

A Japanese-language trailer gives further information about what can be expected from the new series.  It shows Sylveon; Froakie battling its evolution, Frogadier; and Absol.  The Kalos League Champion, Diantha, is also shown during a segment about Mega Evolution.  The trailer also hints at a possible story line involving a mysterious girl and her Malamar.  A battle between the Santalune City Gym Leader, Viola, and the Cyllage City Gym Leader, Grant, also appears to take place.  This battle will involve Onix vs. Surskit and will occur at the Battle Chateau.  This trailer can be viewed below.

While this English-language trailer doesn’t provide nearly as a good a preview of coming events, it does illustrate the basics of the new series.

Other exciting television events occurring in the U.S. this month include the airing of the digitally remastered version of Pokémon:  The First Movie:  Mewtwo Strikes Back on January 4 at 8:30 a.m. (ET, PT) as well as the broadcast of  Pokémon the Movie:  Genesect and the Legend Awakened on January 11 at 8:30 a.m. (ET, PT).  The latter will feature a special half-hour prequel called Pokémon:  Mewtwo — Prologue to Awakening.

By Nancy Schimelpfening



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