Vin Diesel Smile Campaign

Vin Diesel Smile Campaign

What is the Vin Diesel Smile Campaign? Well, it is the one word which Vin Diesel has plastered all over his Facebook page. The megastar has gone to great lengths to show his appreciation to the fans, and all he asks for in return is that they smile. It is almost his signature response in the selfie’s he posts to what he has coined as VinBook, the video shorts he records on behalf of his fans, all he asks for in return is that they smile. He is one of the few stars left in Hollywood who openly acknowledge that he would be nothing without his fan base. Diesel’s fan base numbers in the millions, with over sixty four million fans who follow him on Facebook, every day. The actor himself has a lot to smile about, with the seventh installment in his ever popular Fast and Furious in production and set to come out some time next year. Additionally, rumors are going around that XXX and the Riddick Chronicles both have sequels coming out, so the star has a lot to be thankful for. In his own words, it would not be possible without his adoring fans.

These fans have played an intricate part in making Diesel into the man he is today; he is sure to take time out as often as possible to remind them of that, and to offer his thanks. A humble man by nature, Vin Diesel has shown his loyalty to his fans and to his friends through various postings on social networking sites. His posts and notes have garnered lots of attention in the gossip news. From his easy temperament to his dashing good looks, the celebrity gossip sites cannot seem to get enough of the actor. They enjoy pointing out his generosity, almost as much as he does.

While he might not be the biggest action star in Hollywood, Diesel is making a name for himself on social media. His tributes to the late Paul Walker and to his fans have garnered him much attention recently. Thousands of fans who might otherwise ignore him, tune in to see what all the fuss is about. He has plenty of reasons to smile; the Fast and Furious franchise has netted him millions of dollars and millions of fans. While his sci-fi Riddick movies may not be as successful as some of his other films, the latest Riddick film has reached number one status. This led to Diesel offering up a tribute to his fans and the announcement from Universal that another Riddick movie was in the works.

With Fast and Furious 7 currently in production, Vin Diesel took some time out of his busy schedule to lip synch Beyoncé and say thank you to the fans that have made him so famous. His quick seven minute movie also afforded Diesel the opportunity to tell fans that another Riddick movie is in the works. Katy Perry who was also featured in this clip was quick to show her support for the actor. This got her an almost immediate response from Diesel in the form of a second video and an invite for a part in the upcoming flick. Whether she takes him up on the offer or stays with singing it seems that the Vin Diesel smile campaign continues.

By Rachel Woodruff


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