7 Multiplayer Games You Should Consider for Your Ouya

Android-powered microconsole the Ouya

The Ouya, is an Android-powered microconsole that was released roughly six months ago. All games are purchased via the Ouya itself and are relatively cheap. You may be saying to yourself “next week when my imaginary step family the Leonharts come back, they’ll want to play my new Ouya! What should we play?” Have no fear. We have an article that can help, and its right in front of you. This list contains some examples great local multiplayer on the Ouya, so grab a buddy or three, an Ouya, and a few extra bucks.

7) You Don’t Know Jack: $9.99
The famous trivia game You Don’t Know Jack has made its way to the Ouya. The game works best with four people but if you have more than that you can always team up for team trivia. If you haven’t played this hilarious party perfect trivia game, now may be the time to give it a chance. The full version comes with 20 episodes of team screwing madness.

You don't know jack microconsole ouya

6) Ice Rage: $2.99
This delightful hockey game is simple and a ton of fun (as most of these tend to be). Multiple difficulties are available for your goalie as you will be spending your time smacking down your opponent and taking shots at his goalie while you bad mouth his mother, as hockey traditions requires.

android powered microconsole the ouya  Ice Rage

5) No Brakes Valet: Free
Have you ever tried to park a car that didn’t have functioning brakes? Have you ever tried to park a car without brakes into the same spot that somebody else without breaks was trying to park into? No? Good, don’t try it at home. This game is absolutely free and exhilarating.

No Breakes Valet Ouya Android console

4) Stalagflight: Donation
Lava is rising and you must escape, the only option is to jump. As you jump you land on rocks which you rotate to give yourself a better position or prank your opponents. This simple concept goes a long way with a few friends and is technically free but the developers do accept donations. The mechanics may take some time getting used to but once you have them down you’ll be rocket jumping like a champ.

Stalagflight on the Ouya

3) Get On Top!: $2.00
Get On Top! Is made by the creator of Quaff. Your jump button is your only button, besides that you move your body with the analogue stick in an attempt to get on top. If your head touches the ground for any reason a point is given to your opponent and a new round starts. First to score ten points wins. The more time you put into Get On Top! the more you begin to understand the awkward mechanics, soon enough controlling your character will be as natural and fulfilling as flinging your own crap about your neighbors apartment when they go on fancy vacations to Europe without bringing you something back.

Get on Top android powered microconsole the ouya

2) Towerfall: $14.99
Towerfall is a free-for-all archer arena. Each player has a limited number of arrows and can discover a number of power-ups that can most definitely change the course of battle. Compared to most on the Ouya, Towerfall looks pricey. However, the full game of Towerfall comes with many more levels and tons of other goodies that make it a must have. As an additional bonus, Xbox 360 controllers work for this game, just in case you need extra controllers.

Towerfall android powered microconsole the ouya

1) Hidden in Plain Sight: $0.99
In this game everybody is a ninja that looks exactly the same and is accompanied by a room full of NPC’s that also look just like you. The goal of the game is to be the last ninja alive (not including NPC’s) and your only moves include a killing blow and one smoke bomb. What entails is an elaborate game of active hide and seek. The behavior of the characters is what can give away your position so what you’ll experience will likely will be either tricky or hilarious.

Ninja games on the Ouya

The Android-powered Ouya can be a ton of fun without beating up your wallet. The current sale going on (which lasts for another 13 days) offers the Ouya for only $85. The deal gets even sweeter because it comes with $25 towards games and has free shipping (in the Continental US). To get you started, check out these excellent and affordable seven multiplayer games, but keep in mind the Ouya library is expanding and you’ll likely find games you enjoy besides these ones.


By Garrett Jutte
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