Bethenny Cancellation Shocks Fans

The Bethenny talk show proudly celebrated its 100th episode this week, but was abruptly canceled. It had been rumored that her ratings were less than stellar. When the surprise gigantic cake decorated with shooting 4th of July sparkles rolled out during the 100th episode from backstage, by morning talk show host Hoda Kotb, many Bethenny talk show fans believed a second season was definitely in order. As the cancellation message rolled across the bottom of millions of television screens, viewers hit social media in shock.

Bethenny Frankel had won the hearts of millions from her debut on the highly successful Bravo reality television show Real Housewives of New York. Much of America fell in love with the underdog who could barely pay her rent and was determined to find investors for a business idea she hoped would be her rescue. Amongst a cast of very wealthy Manhattan socialites, Bethenny suddenly found herself running in circles with a countess and business moguls. The episode that made many of America’s underdogs fall in love with Frankel was when supermodel socialite Kelly Bensimone demonstrated by using her hands that Bethenny was “down here” and Bensimone was “up here.” Allegedly, Bethenny was alienated by some of her Real Housewives of New York cast mates that possibly hoped Bethenny would fold.Being the fighter that she is, she found investors for her brainchild (Skinny Girl Cocktails), got engaged to the man she loved (Jason Hoppy), announced her pregnancy with daughter Bryn, and was offered her own spin-off reality show Bethenny Gets Married that lead to another spin-off reality show Bethenny Ever After. Success began to pour onto the reality star so much so that she was offered her own talk show.

Bethenny, now a successful multi-millionaire, was new to the day time talk show arena. Competing with heavy hitters such as Ellen, Wendy Williams, and Queen Latifah, Bethenny took a chance. According to NY Daily News, Bethenny achieved 1.1 million viewers in the Nielsen ratings. By most standards, this sounds like a hit. Reported on E! News, the show was produced by hit talk show host Ellen DeGeneres and went into syndication. Reportedly fans of Bethenny can continue to watch her through May. Though the talk show was a favorite by 1.1 million viewers, the show was canceled and devoted fans were shocked.

The looming question is why? Some are speculating that Bethenny may have lost fans based on her highly publicized divorce with husband Jason Hoppy. Self proclaiming she is a “difficult person,” it made Jason Hoppy appear as the supportive, accommodating husband and father on their reality television show Bethenny Ever After. Her difficult personality was not received well by viewers who began to feel sorry for Jason.

While interviewing the millionaire matchmaker Patty Stanger, Bethenny revealed she “settled” when she married Hoppy. While still going through a court battle with Hoppy, Bethenny was reportedly seen with financier boyfriend Michael Cerussi III. TMZ reported Cerussi was accused of rape and sued both Union College and the alleged rape victim in 2001 for defamation of character. With Bethenny being a new Mother to now 3-year old daughter Bryn, much of the public began to question the choices of the popular talk show host.

Though it is still unknown why Telepictures productions could not get Bethenny picked up for a second season, Bethenny fans hope that she will continue building upon her multi-million dollar Skinny Girl Cocktail brand. Some would look at this talk show cancellation as an epic failure. But in the eyes of many who are currently in the same unfortunate financial position Bethenny once was, the mogul represents for all underdogs – who fought and won.

Editorial by Meleika Gardner

NY Daily News
E! News

4 Responses to "Bethenny Cancellation Shocks Fans"

  1. Carla   April 3, 2014 at 11:39 am

    I love Bethenny and will miss her show, I watch it each day and even attended it live in NYC back in December. She comes from a place of “Yes” and this is not the last we will see or hear of her!

  2. Marla   March 22, 2014 at 10:49 am

    only watched a couple of times…but I guess Omarosa was correct when she said on Bethenny show that she would not be a talk show host a year from then (when she was a guest on the show)…oh well….give me Ellen, Queen Latifah, Oprah…

  3. Deb   March 16, 2014 at 6:22 pm

    I watched her shoe ONCE…only ONCE! She is such a mess and always has a problem. Get over it! She had a great husband and I hope she realizes that when she loses everything else.

  4. cesteen04   February 16, 2014 at 9:06 am

    Won what ? She has been a complete failure at most of what she has attempted. She will step on and over anyone to try to get to the top. Don’t like her.

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