Fraternity Hazing Death Ruled Homicide

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The Baruch fraternity member whose hazing death has made recent headlines has been declared dead by homicide, the Luzerne County, Pennsylvania coroner reportedly confirmed over the weekend.

Reuters news service provided details of the coroner’s report, including the fact that the student, 19-year-old Chun “Michael” Deng died from severe head trauma as a result of the fraternity hazing. The ordeal took place in December in Tunkhannock Township, near the Pocono Mountains, according to reports, but Deng was a student at Baruch college which is located in Manhatten. Deng was a freshman there.

Deng’s fraternity hazing is under investigation by authorities in Pennsylvania and Baruch College released a statement saying they support the work law enforcement in Monroe County is doing. The District Attorney’s office in Pennsylvania reportedly declared that it will file charges in the fraternity hazing death of the college student, Deng.

Police are looking for more information to solve the case, specifically what students were involved and to what capacity. The hazing ritual involved something known to the Baruch College student fraternity group as the “glass ceiling,” which reportedly involved carrying a heavy sandbag while blindfolded. While doing such, they were to find another who was calling out to them while other fraternity brothers prevented them from doing just that. All of the details have not been released, but small pieces have come in through various media reports.

According to Reuters, the Monroe County D.A. said Deng was physically “tackled” too many times and that authorities are investigating who was involved in causing those injuries. The fraternity hazing that led to Deng’s death led to a quick banishment from their charter and after it was ruled a homicide, the Baruch Colony, as it is referred, will have a stain on its name. Pi Delta Psi members held the ritual outdoors, according to reports from CNN and others, and during this time Deng reportedly struck his head and was rendered unconscious. CNN also reported that information in the affidavit  suggested that there were more than 30 people involved in the fraternity hazing ritual.

Police reportedly told ABC News that Deng was placed inside a house at one point but no one had decided to call for help or dial 911. According to ABC, they instead brought him near a fire, gave him a change of clothes and tried to provide an Internet diagnosis of the situation based on Deng’s symptoms. He was finally taken to the hospital hours later by a few of the fraternity members, but unfortunately Deng died just a couple days later at the hospital, the report continued. Most of the members, about a third of them according to the news report from ABC, had left the scene before police arrived.

The members involved with the fraternity hazing tried to hide some items from the investigation, but later admitted to performing the ritual. Baruch college suspended the college students involved the fraternity hazing death that has now been ruled a homicide by the coroner’s office.

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