Carmelo Anthony Frustrated Again

Carmelo Anthony

For the Atlanta Hawks the question going into Saturday’s game was, how do you snap an 8 game losing Streak? They found the answer. Simply play the New York Knicks. When the Hawks, who trailed for most of the game, finally took the lead, all Carmelo could do was shake his head in frustration again. It seems this is becoming a trend for the superstar.

The Hawks were undermanned with All-star Paul Milsap and Al Horford out. However, that didn’t stop them. Mike Scott took charge, scoring 30 points, and led the Hawks to a 107-98 win.

Carmelo Anthony finished the night with 35 points and Tyson Chandler was a beast on the boards with 23 rebounds. It seems that individual effort is not the issue with the Knicks. Carmelo is one of the most prolific scorers in the NBA and has been for his entire career. Looking at the team it just doesn’t seem as if there is a real identity. Carmelo can score as much in bunches but it does not matter. Perhaps the issue stretches from the playing floor to the coaches and the organization itself.

Before the game it was announced that the Knicks were planning on buying out the contracts of Metta World Peace and Beno Udrih. Sources in the organization said that each player requested the buy out. Essentially they wanted to get off of a sinking ship. Each player had failed to crack the rotation of coach Mike Woodson. World peace had played in 29 games all year and only 6 games in 2014. It would appear that, given the lack of spirit that the Knicks are playing with, a player of Metta World’s caliber could have helped. He is not the player he once was in L.A, but being a New York guy, he may have been able to give the team a lift.

For the Knicks this is their second devastating loss this weekend. On Friday the lost in double overtime to the Orlando Magic.  Both games were highlighted by defensive lapses. New York was up midway through the third quarter. Atlanta got hot and New York was unable to withstand the charge. Knicks Center Tyson Chandler talked after the game about how giving up 39 points in the fourth quarter makes it difficult to get a win.

With their record now at 21-35 the Knicks need a ton of answers. At the end of the game Carmelo talked about how the frustration is mounting for him. This probably sums up the Knicks year perfectly.

Carmelo is a player who gets into a rhythm. Its how he is able to score so easily. It seems that time and time again, the frustration of this season has derailed and stopped any rhythm Carmelo has tried to establish.

The reports are mounting that Mike Woodson may not be the leader of the team by the time the trade deadline rolls around in the next week and a half. Woodson doesn’t seem to have an answer to right the ship. With the buys outs and the losing it may be only a matter of time before other players check out. If that happens, once again Carmelo will feel the frustration that comes with losing.

Editorial by Tony Bowers



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