Craigslist Killer Confesses to 22 More Satanic Cult-Related Killings

CraigslistCraigslist Killer Miranda Barbour’s confessions have opened up a can of worms that hints at a much more sinister possibility than a thrill kill by a newlywed couple. Barbour (19), initially charged along with her young husband Elytte (22) for the murder of Troy LaFerrara, later made statements giving the impression that there could be more than 20 other victims. The story of the “Craigslist Killers” was at first just a sensational tale of two seemingly troubled newlyweds looking for a dark thrill, who ended up luring and killing a lonely middle-aged man seeking “companionship” in the wrong place. In a late twist to the plot however, Miranda, the Craigslist Killer herself, has made statements to the effect that she has killed dozens of others in a killing spree she says began when she was involved with a Satanic cult at the tender age of 13. Her revelations could revive the discussion of SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse or murder) and whether it occurs as part of non-localized and organized cult-directed activities.

In statements made after her arrest, Miranda admitted to the killing of LaFerrara, detailing that she and her husband Elytte who himself is not suspected of previous killings, used Craigslist to lure LaFerrara into meeting her. LaFerrara ended up strangled and stabbed multiple times when the entire affair was said and done. Initially, Miranda had stated that she stabbed the victim because he had made threatening advances towards her. The Craigslist Killer later said however that she was not supposed to stab him, and that Elytte was simply to strangle LaFerrara upon her signal if he answered certain questions improperly. Miranda claims that he was killed because when she told him that she was only 16, he said that it was okay. She says had he answered differently he would not have been killed that day.

As it turns out however, the Craigslist Killer had even more revelations, and they would make the murder of LaFerrara seem like just the prelude to something much more sinister. In speaking to the press from prison, the Craigslist Killer confessed that she had killed many more individuals across the US as part of her involvement with a Satanic cult. Miranda stated in short that when she reached 22 murders she simply “quit counting.” The Craigslist Killer stated that the entire saga began when she was sexually abused at a very young age. The aftermath of the traumatic event eventually saw Barbour involved with a Satanic cult by the time she was 13 years old.

Miranda, the Craigslist Killer, then goes on to give a sad account of how she got started killing. According to her, she was just 13 years old when the leader of a Satanic cult she had joined in Alaska allowed her to accompany him on a hit. The unidentified cult leader then allegedly shot his victim, but left him alive for Miranda to “finish off.” She says she was too afraid however to shoot the wounded individual, so the cult leader held his hands over hers and they “together” shot and killed the victim. From that point forward, Miranda claims she just kept on killing and that there are at least 22 other killings across the country linked to her days with the Satanic cult.

At present it is unclear how extensive the Satanic cults operations were. The murders that Miranda claims she committed across the country in States like North Carolina, California, Texas, and Alaska suggest that the cult was not simply a localized Alaskan group. The question of Satanic Ritual Abuse and killings occurring in connection within an organized wide-reaching cult network has largely been muted since the 1980s and 1990s when it was a subject highly analyzed by many different segments of society. The press, along with law enforcement, religious groups, and political figures were taking great interest in the subject and the government itself funded many programs which worked with counselors and psychologists in efforts to identify and investigate Satanic cult-related abuse and violence.

Between the 1990s and the present however there has not been much public discussion on the topic of whether Satanic Ritual Abuse and violence is a wide-reaching problem. The notion that SRA occurs as part of an organized intergenerational wide-reaching Satanic conspiracy has been somewhat discredited over the last 10-15 years, however the Craigslist Killer and her chilling confessions open a door into that same dark world which much of society has been convinced does not really exist. In the late 80s and 90s, there were thousands upon thousands of allegations of SRA, along with multiple massive investigations into the phenomenon. Many cases such as the McMartin Preschool and Wee Care Nursery School trials brought significant attention to the area of SRA.

Other famous cases include Fells Acres Day Care Center Preschool trial, Little Rascals day care sexual abuse trial, the Kern County Child abuse cases, and the Faith Chapel Church ritual abuse cases.┬áThe allegations in each of these cases were horrific in nature. Although the claim is that the cases yielded no material evidence in support of the allegations, the trials did result in a number of convictions and advocates supporting the view of an organized intergenerational conspiracy involving such behavior argue that the conspiratorial nature of it may have played a role in the “lack of evidence.” Whatever the true facts, public discussion regarding SRA, and cases such as those mentioned, has waned since the close of the 20th century.

Miranda’s statements however, have resulted in law enforcement and the FBI looking into her claims of killing dozens across the country, and as new information becomes available the picture of the alleged cult-related killings should become more clear. For now it appears that the Craigslist Killer, Miranda Barbour, may be a seasoned serial killer who committed her murders as part of her role in what appears to be a far-reaching Satanic cult. More investigations, perhaps additional confessions, and time will help piece together this sensational but very sad story.

By Daniel Worku

NY Daily

Kokomo Tribune

Huffington Post




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  1. TheRedeemer   September 5, 2014 at 12:28 pm

    satanists claim satan isn’t real and they are really atheists who like to dress up and play halloween yeah right ,yet they have elaborate rituals, read aleister crowley , drink blood , have murders planned out usually using the novices as a patsy or other, sacrifice animals and humans invoke the name of satan and demons great or lesser ones to gain power although they almost always give satan the power and spread lies hate, and prey on the weak and defenseless , have a great urge to kill usually with a voice in their head that says do it, or strike now , this is both non-localized and organized cult-directed activities. If this wasn’t such a godless world maybe stuff like this wouldn’t happen, I believe the end times are close its only a matter of time before the Antichrist is revealed


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