‘Fast and Furious 7’: Ludacris Blames Walker Death for Financial Woes

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Fast and Furious 7 remains on hold until the production decides what to do with the series, but a shocking announcement brings the franchise back in the spotlight: Ludacris and Tyrese Gibson blame Paul Walker’s death for their financial woes and inability to pay child support. During a court hearing with the mother of his 2-month-old daughter, Cai, the rapper told the judge that he cannot pay the amount Tamika Fuller wishes to obtain, because he was counting on the money from Fast and Furious 7 in order to make his payments. At the same time, Gibson also stated that his finances have been affected because of Walker’s death and he struggles with child support.

Ludacris and Tyrese blame Paul Walker’s death for their financial woes, a shocking announcement that brings Fast and Furious 7 back in the public eye. According to TMZ, during a hearing meant to increase Ludacris’ daughter’s monthly child support, the rapper told the judge that he cannot pay $15,000 per month, because the total amount he earned in 2013 was about $55,000 and he can only offer his baby daughter $1,800. The judge denied his request and boosted the child care allowance to $7,000 per month. TMZ also added that, when addressing the court, Ludacris stated “he was counting on Fast and Furious 7 money to make his payments,” but since the production remains on hold because of Paul Walker’s death, his finances are hurting.

Tyrese Follows in Ludacris’ Footsteps

Tyrese Gibson is another person to invoke Paul Walker’s demise as a reason for his financial woes, especially since Daily Entertainment News uncovered the fact that the star pays his child’s mother $ 6,230 in child support, plus her rent, car lease and expenses. Gibson’s drama is also enhanced by the fact that ex-wife Norma called the police when the star wanted to take their daughter for a scheduled custody visit, claiming that she was “too sick to spend time with her father.”

A humiliated Gibson is reportedly planning to go back to court and ask the judge to jail ex-wife Norma for violating the custody order, sources told TMZ.

Both Ludacris and Tyrese Gibson blame Paul Walker’s death for their financial woes, a shocking announcement which brings Fast and Furious 7 back in the public eye. However, until the production decides how to deal with the death of Paul Walker, the actors’ payments also remain on hold.

At the same time, Tyrese also mentioned that his co-star’s absence is tough and the rest of the cast shares his feelings.

“We all miss Paul,” Gibson said. “I’m still messed up about the whole situation but that’s my brother, and we’re family, so we’re going to keep it rocking.”

Paul Walker passed away in a car accident on November 30, 2013 along with his friend Roger Rodas. Since his death, Fast and Furious 7 production has been put on hold and the cast, especially Ludacris and Gibson have been vocal with regard to the payment which has also been suspended until the executives decide how to continue the franchise. Announcements regarding Fast and Furious 7’s fate have yet to be disclosed, but latest news which show that Ludacris blames Paul Walker’s death for his financial woes have put the series once again in the spotlight.

By Gabriela Motroc


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