George Zimmerman Struggling

George Zimmerman
George Zimmerman is struggling after the much publicized trial that ended in his favor. Most suspects on trial for murder who receive the innocent verdict are relieved and begin to put the pieces of their life back together to live a normal life out of the public eye. George Zimmerman reportedly has had a different experience since his trial back in July of 2013.

George Zimmerman was found innocent of the murder of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. Zimmerman’s defense argued he stood his ground in self-defense against the teenager who he stated allegedly attacked him for no reason out of nowhere. However, the recorded 911 dispatch call, minutes before the murder occurred, replays the dispatcher instructing Zimmerman to stop pursuing the unidentified young male. This 911 recorded call stirred up much heated debate and raised many eyebrows in the murder case of young Trayvon Martin, who was armed with a bag of candy he had just purchased at a local 7-Eleven convenient store for his little brother and an iced tea. George Zimmerman, armed with a gun, maintains his life was in danger by Trayvon Martin who was wearing a hoodie, walking in the dark in Zimmerman’s neighborhood and looked “suspicious”. He maintains he was attacked and had no choice but to shoot the 17-year-old dead. Zimmerman, 29, reported to HLN TV that he now wishes he had not gone out that night.

According to TMZ, Zimmerman says he is being used by the government, President Obama, and the attorney general as a “scapegoat.” Since the trial in 2013, CNN reports Zimmerman has had run-ins with the law starting with a speed ticket. Later 911 was called by his wife and father-in-law reporting George Zimmerman had threatened them with a gun. Zimmerman’s wife filed for divorce after dropping the charges. Also Zimmerman’s girlfriend reported she had been chased by him with a shotgun, but he was able to make a phone call to 911 himself to tell his version of the story first. His girlfriend also dropped the charges against him as well as a restraining order. Reportedly during the trial Zimmerman’s police record was revealed to the jury, but it is unknown what sort of life Zimmerman had before the murder of Trayvon Martin. George Zimmerman has been allegedly struggling to get normalcy into his life since the trial.

Fox News Latino reports George Zimmerman is over $2 million in debt with attorney fees. Reportedly he’s been living off of his family with his life constantly being threatened. Zimmerman was in negotiations to box hip-hop star DMX in a celebrity boxing match. The promoter of the celebrity match canceled the event due to alleged threats made on his life. Many petitioned to stop the event from turning Zimmerman into a possible glorified paid celebrity. Zimmerman reportedly had planned to use the money from the event to donate to a charity that is still unknown.

Zimmerman is reportedly stating he wants to continue his education to become an attorney to fight injustice done to those in similar situations like his. He allegedly has not been able to find employment. Zimmerman reportedly says he will even work as a cook to support his family. Many have a heart for George Zimmerman. Much of the public believes he rightfully killed Trayvon Martin in self-defense and an injustice has been done to George Zimmerman who was found innocent in the court of law. And then there are many who believe…Paula Deen might be hiring.

Editorial by Meleika Gardner

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  1. fj   February 18, 2014 at 7:30 am

    Great article! Ironically Zimmerman gets to have the experience of walking while Black! But the benefit his family has over Trayvon’s family is that he still has a chance to have a life. Maybe he should try staying out of the media and police stations for a start.

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