George Zimmerman Turned Into a Celebrity?


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Much of the country continue to keep in their hearts, the late Trayvon Martin, a 17-year-old armed with candy and ice tea, who was gunned down by a neighborhood  watchman by the name of George Zimmerman. The Martin family mourned the death of their son two years ago and then mourned his death again a year later when Zimmerman was found innocent and set free. The Martin family may mourn yet again as there are now talks of Zimmerman boxing in a celebrity match.

According to NY Daily News, Zimmerman has been training for quite some time for this event. The celebrity that is in negotiations to box Zimmerman is hip-hop artist DMX. The report goes on to say nothing is in writing as of yet to confirm the match between DMX and Zimmerman. Maybe Zimmerman is not familiar with the rapper DMX, because not many would voluntarily step into the ring with the rapper. DMX, known for his aggression, passion, and fiery rage on stage with music, could possibly be a beast in a ring with boxing gloves. Those familiar with DMX would put their money on him winning a match against Zimmerman, hands down. Though DMX has a long wrap sheet, it is not reported that he has ever been on trial for taking a life. Those who are familiar with Zimmerman cannot say the same. Zimmerman has a record and, though found innocent of killing the young Martin, is still under suspicion by much of the public as a cold-blooded murderer.

What many fear is a possible repeat of the Boston marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev being showcased on the cover of the legendary, iconic Rolling Stone magazine as if he were a rock star. On April 15, 2013 Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and his older brother set off two bombs in a crowd of spectators at the Boston marathon killing three people (including a child) and severely injuring more than 300 people. Many of Rolling Stone’s subscribers were in an uproar over the cover of the magazine displaying Tsarnaev as a glorified celebrity. Though it is not yet confirmed that Zimmerman will be stepping in the ring as a celebrity, much of the public is rearing up to protest. Reported By CNN, Zimmerman’s defense in the murder trial was that he was followed by Martin and attacked by the 17-year-old. He reported that Martin was beating his head into the concrete and he feared for his life. He maintains he had no choice but to reach for his gun to shoot the 17-year-old dead in self-defense.

Some are outraged at the thought of Zimmerman possibly being made into a celebrity. DMX has reported to TMZ that if the money is right he cannot wait to “Kick Zimmerman’s a**.” DMX is 43-years old and commands the stage with the same amount of fire and energy as he did when he was in his 20s. The question entering into the minds of many that followed the Zimmerman trial is, if Zimmerman could not defend himself against a teenager armed with candy, how will he fair in a boxing match against a grown man armed with 43 years of rage and known for growling like a pitbull? Guns are not allowed in the ring.

Editorial by Meleika Gardner

NY Daily News
Rolling Stone

One Response to "George Zimmerman Turned Into a Celebrity?"

  1. SchemeTeamIrony   February 7, 2014 at 5:58 am

    “Much of the country continue to keep in their hearts, the late Trayvon Martin”

    Today, most of the country has the Martin Scheme Teams number.

    And many of us have actually gone through all the evidence, including Trayvon’s social posts and other material which was withheld from the jury. It is very clear that Trayvon loved to fight and loved to draw blood. He also felt entitled, to lie, cheat, steal and assault others.

    Trayvon was most certainly a victim, a victim of poor parenting and culture. Looking at how the Scheme Team has operated it is very easy to understand the forces which created Thugvon.

    I realize that many people find it hard to understand why anyone, but especially white people would consider being assaulted, especially a head smashing assault a very good reason to terminate the person who is assaulting them.

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