HIV Infections Cured With Cannabis a Real Possibility

Researchers are looking into the use of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the active ingredient in marijuana, to help stop the spread of HIV infection. Hundreds of marijuana researchers have reported that THC was able to pierce the RIV virus in monkeys. That particular virus is almost identical to the HIV virus found in humans, so this news is very encouraging. The greatest drawbacks to this excellent news are the current laws preventing testing on human candidates. With the changing of these restrictive laws, HIV infections have a great chance of being cured, with cannabis as a real possible player in the race to stop the disease.

Laws in the United States consider marijuana a schedule I drug because of its adverse effects on some users and its potential for addiction. The researchers at the International Cannabinoid Research Conference are feverishly unearthing all the information they can find in order to track down any useful ingredients that may aid in the efforts to stop HIV infections all together. It is an uphill battle for researchers to get medical cannabis into trials for human testing due to the laws set by the current administration. Proving the effectiveness of the cure is virtually impossible without the ability to do actual testing on humans. Although the RIV virus in monkeys is similar to the HIV virus in humans, those tests are just not enough to make any measurable progress without the laws being changed to allow the human component.

At Louisiana state University, Dr. Patricia Molina and her team of researchers tested high concentrations of THC on young RIV positive male rhesus monkeys for 17 months. The results were astounding to say the least. The test consisted of administering the THC twice a day to the monkeys, then comparing the data from before and after the component was administered. A dramatic decrease in the damage to stomach tissue was also bolstered by the increased population of normal cells in the same area as the infected stomach tissues. CB2 receptors that are targeted by the THC, are able to build healthy new bacterial cells in the intestines that prohibit the virus from leaking through the cell walls. This is marvelous news for the researchers and it would be an even greater benefit to the public if HIV infections could be cured with cannabis, making the very real possibilities for it’s beneficial use endless.

Marijuana has already been proven to alleviate symptoms found in many chronic illnesses. It has shown amazing results in its ability to control, and in some cases stop almost completely, certain types of seizures in both children and adults. The cannibinoid CBD is the component in marijuana that has been found to calm the seizures. It is of course not smoked by children, although some adult seizure sufferers do choose to inhale the plant or “hash” form of the drug. The CBD is usually administered in oil or pill form to children who suffer from seizures. The results have been astounding to say the least. It has allowed many sufferers, both adults and children alike, to enjoy a more normal and happy existence without the threat of continual debilitating seizures.

Although it is still somewhat difficult for parents to obtain CBD for their children who are plagued with intense seizuring, more and more marijuana growers are offering the life changing compound to those in need, as many doctors will still not give prescriptions for the drug in spite of its proven effectiveness. Overall, great strides are being made in the fight to legalize this popular drug for both medicinal and recreational use. Hopefully this will lead to softening research laws which in turn will make it possible for HIV infections to be cured with cannabis a real possibility.

Commentary By Mai Nowlin


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