J.K. Rowling Thinks Hermione Should Have Married Harry

J.K. RowlingIn an interview conducted by Emma Watson, J.K. Rowling told the actress who plays Hermione in the film adaptation of the Harry Potter series that she thinks she should have married Hermione Granger with Harry Potter instead of their friend Ronald Weasley. As Rowling told the actress, one of the reasons she believed this to be true is because Hermione and Ron would have needed relationship counseling.

The interview that disclosed this information was for Wonderland magazine’s that features the Harry Potter star on the cover, expected to be released this Thursday February 6. This information was given to the public through Britain’s Sunday Times in which they released an excerpt from the article on the front page of the newspaper. In the article, Watson interviews Rowling and asks a series of questions concerning the authors thoughts on her written work.

The author admits to Watson that not only does she think she should have had Hermione marry Harry, but she had written the Hermione/Ron relationship on the grounds of what she called a “wish fulfillment,” according to CNN News. The relationship between the two characters was an intention the author had upon first writing the series and expresses how she stuck to the relationship due to her own desire to cling to her original plot line and far less to do with actual literature credibility. She told the actress that after getting an amount of distance from the series she has discovered that her initial reasoning for putting the two in a relationship were no longer seen in the same light.

After telling the actress her feelings concerning the fictional relationship she immediately apologized and acknowledged that this information was sure to upset fans, and continued to express how she hoped it would be well received and no hearts would be broken. In response to such information the actress herself admits to agreeing with Rowling’s statements. Watson also expressed that she believed there were fans out there as well who questioned the legitimacy of the couple and whether the pair would have been happy.

However, as Rowling expected, fans lit up social media outlets with shock concerning the authors revelations. As CNN News reported, according to Mugglenet.com which claims to be the world’s number one site for Harry Potter fans, tweeted about Rowling’s comment by stating, “Harry/Hermione WHAT?”  Others expressed that they thought the pair to be their favorite couple in the series and instantly loved their far from perfect relationship qualities. Likewise, there were those who agreed with both the author and actress by stating they believed Hermione to have deserved better than Ron, whom they considered to be a little too insecure for the intellectual heroine.

The characters Ron and Hermione meet in the first book of the series, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, first on the Hogwarts’ express as the three are taken to Hogwarts School, and later they become friends after Harry and Ron save her from a mountain troll. It is not until the epilogue in the last book of the series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, that Ron and Hermione are announced to have been married with two children, Rose and Hugo.

In relation to Ron’s character, CNN News reports, that in a past interview Rowling had also considered knocking Ron off all together, but chose against such plot directions. Likewise, Time magazine’s newsfeed press associate pointed out Hermione could have simply not married at all. Despite what could have, should have, or did transpire, one thing for certain has been stated by Rowling herself; when looking back on the couple she chose she now thinks she should have had Hermione marry Harry rather than Ron.

By Sarah Widger

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