Justin Bieber Embarrassment: Frisked by Cops During DUI Booking [Video]

Justin Bieber embarrassment frisked by cops during DUI booking

Justin Bieber embarrassment frisked by cops during DUI booking

Last month, Justin Bieber was arrested on suspicion of driving under influence, using an expired license and resisting arrest, in Miami. However, new and embarrassing video footage shows the moment the Baby singer was frisked, during his DUI booking at a Miami Beach police station on Jan. 23, 2014.

The CCTV video footage reveals a confident Bieber – who has previously pleaded not guilty to all charges – strutting through the police station, wearing a hoodie, low-slung shorts and a pair of intensely bright, orange sneakers. The singing sensation is witnessed approaching an on-duty officer, who appears to be putting on gloves in preparation for Bieber’s frisk. Bieber then adopts a rather defiant stance, folding his arms and leaning against a nearby desk, as a second officer enters the area and begins conversing with him.

The 19-year-old then starts to cooperate with the officers’ requests and removes various items of jewelry, including a chain from around his neck and some earrings. One of the cops then grabs Justin’s attention and seems to take him through documentation, laid out across the desk. However, as the officer turns his back to address some of his colleagues, Bieber’s concentration wavers, and he wanders off to inspect other areas of the Miami station. The Canadian pop singer is then instructed to return to the desk, before his frisk search commences.

After removing his colorful shoes and socks, Bieber is ordered to place his hands flat against a table. The officer struggles to perform an initial search of the star, with Bieber’s baggy hoodie impeding access to his loose-fitting shorts. Eventually, the Love Me singer whisks off the hoodie and casts it to one side. The officer then proceeds with the frisk, once more, thoroughly inspecting each pocket, before forcefully yanking his shorts up to prevent them from falling around his ankles.

According to Reuters, Bieber’s lawyers were seeking to prevent “semi-clad” images of Bieber, at the Miami Beach police station, from falling into the hands of the media. The motion was filed late on Feb. 7, with the troubled star’s legal team contending the images showed Bieber in “… various states of undress…” that revealed intimate parts of his body and, therefore, should not be publicly disclosed. The recent motion also argues the release of the latest video footage, showing Bieber’s DUI booking and frisk search, to represent a violation of the law and was released before the singer’s lawyers were even aware of its existence.

The video footage arrives shortly after the release of toxicology reports – with samples having been collected during the DUI arrest. The results indicate Bieber tested positive for marijuana and prescription medication. According to the gossip site TMZ, the star was found to have prescription medication in his system, which are designed to treat anxiety.

Bieber’s tumultuous lifestyle has recently sparked public controversy and has landed the star in hot water, on several occasions. Reports from NBC News indicate that both Bieber and his father were “extremely abusive” to a flight attendant, on a private jet bound from Canada to New Jersey. Multiple law enforcement officials have alleged that the interior of the plane was shrouded in marijuana smoke, forcing the pilots to wear oxygen masks, while the flight attendant had to seek refuge in the cockpit.

Upon landing, Bieber and his entourage were greeted by DEA and Customs and Border Protection officials. When questioned, Bieber is alleged to have confessed to smoking marijuana and imbibing in alcohol. Although officers claim the plane reeked of marijuana, no contraband was ever located and the flight crew was unwilling to file charges against the passengers.

The incident, aboard the private flight, also comes in the wake of Bieber having been charged with the assault of a limousine driver, while he was in Toronto, late last year. Bieber was charged last week.

Meanwhile, a Florida court has established a March 3 trial date, for charges dating back to his arrest on Jan. 23.

By James Fenner


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  1. I think the pilots were wrong in their decision to not do anything. When pilots are forced to don oxygen masks is stupid. They are just feeding his ego but doing not nothing. Were they afraid that they might be critized by the teenagers who idolize him him? Why is his father allowing this behavior? Oh wait he’s enjoying the free ride on the back of his son celebrity. Allowing him to put other people at risk because he or his father don’t care. His father goes along with everything he does because if he does not then he won’t be enjoying these perks for long.

    1. Bieber maybe wanting to change his image, but he will always look like a pussy and act like a pussy. His career will be soon on the rocks. He needs to go sell real estate or be on HSN hawking tennis shoes, or whatever.

  2. It it a continual slap in the face to keep watching these so-called “stars” getting away with breaking the “Law”. I guess that our governing laws only apply to us (regular folk)! Separate and above the law, WOW… Must be nice…

  3. This isnt the way to get street credibility POSER!!! Get yourself together and enjoy the career you have!! Wish i was your dad instead of the one you have.d

  4. I think a little jail time would do this character good! Make sure to put him with a couple of friendly inmates. Then forget about him and stop idolizing losers. Makes it bad for all the folks trying to raise good children.

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