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Woody Allen Vs Mia Farrow Via Dylan Farrow

Mia Farrow Vs Woody Allen Via Dylan Farrow

The trouble with doing dirty laundry in public is that no one ends up with a clean result when the washing is done; in the Woody Allen vs Mia Farrow via Dylan Farrow there will be no winner. Mia Farrow is holding onto a 21 year-old grudge; Dylan Farrow was either abused or, at the very least, believes she was and Woody Allen will wind up tarnished by the claim that he “messed” with his 7 year-old adopted daughter.

Will the truth be told at the end of the day? Probably not; the truth has most likely already been told over 20 years ago. As unwilling spectators to this family problem that began in 1992 when Allen fell in love with Soon-Yi Previn, his partner’s adopted daughter, the public are dividing into camps. It almost has the feel of a train wreck television reality show, albeit, one that has some big names instead of the unknown or Z list celebs trying to make a comeback.

It is a sad fact that however this drama plays out, lives will be affected. Some, like Dylan Farrow’s have been affected already. If her version of events are true, she has lived with the knowledge that her abuse was unrecognised and unpunished. According to her, the chance to prosecute her adoptive dad was passed over when it was first brought up. Woody Allen has stated that there was never any proof because it never happened.

Two of the players in this triangle of misery have been heard from. Allen has answered the allegations with his own version of an open letter. The 78 year-old film auteur’s response was denial; a declaration of love for his adopted, yet estranged children and he stated that it is his firm belief that Mia Farrow “indoctrinated” their daughter into thinking that he’d abused her as a child.

Woody Allen revealed that during the breakup of the Farrow/Allen union, which was rather unconventional with both “partners” maintaining separate households, Mia exuded a transparent “self-serving” malevolence. Allen points out that he was a 56 year-old man in 1992 who had never been accused of child molesting and, apart from Dylan Farrow’s accusations, still had not. Supporters of Dylan Farrow have reacted with outrage at Allen’s denials and spit the same sort of venom at those who dare to support the filmmaking legend.

Ronan Farrow, is not really a part of this triangular dirty laundry airing apart from supporting his sister. It really is Woody Allen versus Mia Farrow via Dylan Farrow. Ronan, who may actually be the offspring of a union between mother Mia and her former husband Frank Sinatra, is estranged from his “biological” father Woody. As Allen himself says, Ronan certainly looks more like the “Chairman of the Board” than Woody. The very fact that 68 year-old Mia has enough vitriol left in her system to make the Sinatra claim in her 2013 Vanity Fair interview shows that Allen was not too far off with his observance of personal malevolence.

Another child of the couple, Moses, has come forward to say that at 14 he remembers his mother “drumming it into him” that he should hate his father for “tearing apart” the family. He claims that Dylan never had any issues with Woody until Mia Farrow created an atmosphere of “fear and hate.” Moses also states that Allen never molested his sister.

Supporters of Dylan Farrow will no doubt react with the same outrage reserved for outsiders who dare to take Allen’s side of this increasingly ugly drama. The charges of child abuse are disturbing and, if true, are sickening. Just as sickening is the thought that Allen and Moses are right. That the whole sordid mess started 21 years ago when one half of a partnership reacted angrily at the betrayal of her man.

Mia Farrow has been pretty quiet since her magazine interview and, apart from the odd tweet, she has taken a backseat to the events unfolding under the gaze of the world’s press. If this is all about revenge because Woody “left” her for Soon-Yi Previn, who is the real monster here?

It most certainly is not Dylan Farrow. In this entire mess, she has paid the price for something she has believed for years to be the truth. If this was “implanted” into her memory then Mia Farrow has a lot to answer for and not Allen, whose biggest mistake in 1992 was to listen to his partner’s advice and to spend more time with Mia’s adopted daughter, Soon-Yi.

In this Woody Allen vs Mia Farrow battle via Dylan Farrow, and to a lesser degree brother Ronan, no one will walk away unscathed. At the end of the day, the public will believe whoever shouts the loudest with the information that they think is correct. So far everyone who has dared to go against Dylan Farrow has been castigated; with the 28 year-old victim going so far as to “name and shame” Allen’s supporters. If her claims are disproved it would seem that Mia Farrow could have a lot to answer for.

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