Moov to Next Generation Fitness Coaching Wearable


Anyone looking for a cost-effective physical trainer then a date with Moov needs to be set at the earliest. Moov, a wearable device that not only works like a fitness tracker but also imparts continuous coaching tips on what to do and how to do; taking the whole concept of fitness tracking wearables to the next level.

Moov is a sleek watch-like device with a 1.5 inch disc which can be strapped around the wrist, arm, ankle, or even a bicycle. With its 3D leap motion sensor technology it can read every movement of the wearer, and provides the user with real-time coaching tips when paired with an iPhone or an Android based device.

The activity being indulged could range from biking, running or boxing; and the device will continuously train the user to move better or faster while simultaneously correcting postures and improving techniques. The best part is that Moov also applauds and encourages the wearer when an activity is done correctly with a voice-over sounding similar to Siri.

During the launch of the device, Co-founder Meng Li explained that Moov was designed using real-time data that was collected from various athletes and trainers while they were working out. The algorithms were built using parameters like speed and pace at which they ran or pedaled. The angles at which their arms, legs and wrists moved were also taken into consideration during the research process to enable Moov with highly efficient feedback capability.

For instance, when the athlete is running, the app might suggest correcting the posture or adjusting the pace to avoid any stress on the knees, further avoiding possible injuries. Moov also monitors activities like the cycling speed whilst checking the target heart rate, instantly giving feedback to increase or decrease speed to an ideal level.

Moov, a next generation fitness wearable motivates and pushes it’s users to perform better and coaches them till they get it right. Above all, like any good personal trainer should do, it applauds the user on milestones being achieved which makes it gem of a feature to be added.

Li, also said that with the current version of Moov, five different activities can be tracked which includes cycling, swimming, weight training, running and boxing. An exclusive app has been designed to cater to each of these activities efficiently. The running and cycling app will give users instant feedback through an audio output while the weight training and boxing app includes videos put together by professional coaches to train with the right techniques and posture.

Personalisation of the app ensures that the users will be given an option of selecting a coach from the available group of coaches and their progress will be monitored by the device. With regular usage of Moov their activities will be compared with that of the professional trainers and an audio-visual feedback will be provided to correct the errors. With this device, users can also add their friends to the Moov’s network track their performances and compete with them to beat their accomplishments.

Moov is a start-up co-founded by three ex Microsoft employees. Nakola Hu, Yuan and Li worked together to develop sensor based gaming technologies a decade ago. The device is all set for its release this summer and its next generation features will cost customers approximately $120. Available in two colors, white and black, a promotion strategy by the company will let customer’s enjoy a 50 percent discount on pre-orders that starts today. With complete compatibility with iOS available immediately and the device is set to make its debut in Android as well within three months of its release.

By Daris Abraham

Latin Post
USA Today

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  1. SAPete   February 28, 2014 at 1:06 am

    ” ….and pushes it’s users…”???? So much for literacy.

  2. Paul O'Shaughnessy   February 28, 2014 at 12:09 am

    spell check anyone?

    “motivates and pushes it’s users to perform ”

    the users ‘belong’ to it, so it should be its, like his or hers or yours – no apostrophe…

    just saying…

  3. Ed   February 27, 2014 at 9:47 pm

    Oh isn’t that sweet! Electronic lovebirds! I’ve got to have this yet another electronic device to take up my time…….Not!


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