The Internet Offers New Services to Watch Online

The Internet
The Internet allows people to communicate via Facebook, Twitter and email as well as watch videos on different platforms such as YouTube. People can now use the Internet to watch movies and online videos and also have new options to choose from. Three new streaming services have been recently created: WhereverTV, Disney Movies Anywhere and TiVo’s Qplay. WhereverTV is a new subscription service that people can watch on their televisions, mobile phones, and tablets. The service offers 80 television channels and 40 audio channels. Mark Cavicchia, the company’s CEO said that the time to launch an over the top service for the United States could not be better. He continues by saying that since Netflix has over 38 million subscribers and that Aereo has decided to go to the Supreme Court this April the company believes that a legally agreed service will be received well by United States consumers. Cavicchia also says that consumers are not only enjoying combining over the top television services with their cable provider they are expecting it from their on-screen program guides. The company is looking to expand their audience by offering subscriptions internationally and is looking to scoop up Western Europe’s 170 million television subscribers. Aside from the Internet offering a new television service for people to turn to when they watch television shows online, they can also watch movies and videos online with two new services.

Disney Movies Anywhere is one of these new services, it offers movies that users can stream from The Walt Disney Company using their iPhone, iPad, computer and Apple TV. Viewers can watch Blu-ray and DVD movies they previously bought online and in store. They can also buy and watch movies through the movie application. The service is run through a different cloud storage company called KeyChest instead of another widely used cloud service, UltraViolet. Jamie Voris, the chief technology officer for Walt Disney Studios said that the company has decided they always wanted to do something different. Voris said that the company wanted to wait until they had something they felt was worthy of their brand and it was something people would expect from Disney.

TiVo is also getting into the Internet television craze by offering a new streaming platform called Qplay. The service uses a box that compiles videos from the Internet into categories called Qs and is run through an application for iPhone or iPad. The videos are stored in a remote data center so viewers can watch the same lineup when they switch from their television to another device. The application asks users to log into their Twitter, YouTube and Facebook accounts. It then pulls videos from the user’s favorite YouTube channels and their Twitter and Facebook feeds. The videos are then organized into Qs such as extreme sports or news. Users plug Qplay into the HDMI port of their television and rely on Wifi to run the device. Viewers use their iPad as a remote control to move videos from their iPad to their television.

People can now turn to the Internet for more than just email and Facebook. Three new services have been offered by different companies to entertain people when they want to watch something online. WhereverTV, Qplay and Disney Movies Anywhere are now available to fill this need. WhereverTV is a new television service that offers about 80 television channels and 40 audio channels. The company would like to expand its lineup of television channels by signing with more broadcast channels. Aside from viewers watching pre-picked shows, they can also request shows they want to see on WhereverTV and add their own podcasts to the service. Qplay lets viewers watch videos on their television and wants to add Netflix to their device. TiVo also want to release an Android application for Qplay in the future. Disney Movies Anywhere offers viewers over 400 movies including the new movie, Frozen they can stream on their Apple devices and their computer. Disney’s new application also offers movies from Pixar Animation Studios and Marvel Studios. No matter what users choose, they will be happy to know there are more choices to pick when it comes to online entertainment.

By Jordan Bonte

Los Angeles Times
ABC News
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  1. James Gavarone   March 23, 2014 at 4:32 am

    is Qplay a subscription based service? Like a monthly/annual fee.

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