N-Word and NFL


N-word: ban it and delete it from the NFL or lose 15 yards.  The NFL has begun examining the institution of penalties for the use of discriminatory words on the field.  At the peak of this rushing proposal is the N-word.   John Wooten, head of the Fritz Pollard Alliance, is priming the push to completely remove the word from the NFL workplace.

The motion must first gain three out of four of the league competition committee’s vote.  Once a minimum of 24 out of the 32 teams has agreed, the committee will present the results to NFL owners.  If passed, the new abusive-language rule will target the N-word.  Analyzing the situation from strictly a corporate business point of view, it is utterly unacceptable.  Trickery with the word begins to get involved as environments shift.  The environment of a music studio with multiple professional producers, rappers, and sound engineers may alter the tide.  In this particular environment it may be acceptable amidst multiple races to express the N-word.  Not necessarily all music studios and all artists performing Hip/Hop genres, but some.  The word in that environment is a cultural staple.

What used to be a faux pas transferred into mainstream.  Younger and older generations are  unceasingly clashing over the use of the term.  Younger mind sets have attempted to resurrect the N-word as a positive term that is no longer shackling or abrasive.  Some members of the older generation conceive this as complete ignorance and self-enslavement.  It is incomprehensible to the older generation that younger pupils continue to keep this word alive as it contains deep-rooted hatred.  There is also a sense of empowerment the younger generations feels knowing that not all have access to the word.  The younger generation may feel as though they have won a battle of sorts,  by regaining a weapon that is not usable by all, unless given a pass.

The NFL tossing the N-word around just as much as the football can also allude to generational gaps.  The younger generation has been knocked, by overseers stating that they do not understand exactly how damaging the word was and is.  Even though faulted for routinely adding the word to casual public use, the younger generation understands the roots.  The older generation grapples with understanding the voluntary grasp young adults have on the word.  The incomprehension leads them to a scapegoat of attacking the basic knowledge of pupils using the word.  The mass debate is about the sheer force of evil to which the word is deep-rooted.

Can the NFL be defined as a corporate professional haven barring offensive words?  Football in and of itself was hatched out of barbaric tendencies.  The sport revolutionized but continues boorish, painful tactics.  With the acceptance of evolution, there is a time and a place where certain frames of speech are accepted.  This standard is upheld pertaining to environmental surroundings.  If the language crosses an offensive border in a certain environment it should be removed.  The environment of the situation is crucial when it comes to determining acceptable tones, phrases, and words.  Banning the N-word on the NFL field will not solve racial discrimination.  It will however spark massive debate amid individuals affected indirectly by the decision.

Editorial By Ebony Waller




New York Daily News

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