Paul Walker Left Every Penny to Meadow

Paul WalkerPaul Walker’s daughter, Meadow, has been left every penny from her late father’s estate. According to his will, nothing was left to any other family members; reportedly, neither his girlfriend nor the mother of his daughter are to receive anything. He also made it clear that his daughter’s guardian was Cheryl Walker, his mother.

The Fast & the Furious star died in November in a tragic car accident. Soon after, his family members and ex-girlfriend found themselves in a battle over his estate. While his parents were acting in the interests of their granddaughter, Meadow’s mother – Rebecca Soteros (also known as Rebecca McBrain) – believed she was entitled to some of the money, as she was the mother of his daughter.

In another twist, Paul’s girlfriend at the time, Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell also expected something from the estate. She had been dating the actor for seven years prior to his death, but they had not bought a house together and he had not decided to marry her.

The total asset worth was originally reported to be $45 million, but the will stated that his daughter would receive the full $25 million estate.

Paul Walker Sr., the actor’s father, was appointed as executor of the will, which would mean he could not gain anything from it. However, it seems he was the best person to be appointed executor. He has gone to court to petition for his granddaughter’s inheritance, acting in the way that his son would have wanted him to. He also made it clear that his son wanted his mother to act as legal guardian, and guardian of the estate, until Meadow became of legal age.

If Walker gets it the way he wanted in his will, Meadow will be left with the full estate. However, a court hearing is required to determine whether the requests issued in his final will are actually to be followed. This hearing is scheduled sometime during this month.

Meadow had been living with her mother for most of her life, but moved in with her father shortly behind his crash. There were talks of Walker cutting back on his acting, so he could spend more time with his 15-year-old daughter. He was excited about having her with him, full-time, and wanted to make the most of it while she was still young. His family was always more important to him than his career, according to Vince Krause, a close friend.

He reportedly felt the need to catch up on lost time. His daughter had moved to Hawaii to live with her mother when she was young, so Walker missed out on a great deal; he didn’t realize just how much, until she moved back to Santa Barbara to live with him.

It would seem that his daughter treasured the time spent with her father, too. She looked back on her Facebook account sharing how he taught her to walk, smile and never give up. According to Meadow, he was her “REAL life hero.”

Meadow is now reportedly living with her mother, once again.

While there is a court hearing, it is unclear whether Soteros will try to fight against the will. While she may not fight Meadow being left every penny from Walker’s estate, she may contend the guardianship wishes.

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