Pokemon X and Y EV Training Guide [Video]

How to EV train Pokemon in X and Y

Pokemon X and Pokemon Y on the Nintendo 3DS are games that take a lot of knowledge when the competitive scene is considered. Both games have a lot to offer for both casual and serious players though. When it comes to the serious players, breeding becomes a very important concept. However, once the breeding process is over EV training begins. EV training can seem confusing if you don’t know what is necessary, which is why this article was created. Making the ultimate Pokemon takes a lot of planning and hopefully this guide will help process go as smoothly as possible.

If you haven’t properly bred your Pokemon yet then click here to be taken to an article depicting how to bred the strongest Pokemon. Once that is done, EV training comes next. EV stands for Effort Values. There exists a number of different ways to EV train your Pokemon. You can use items to permanently increase stats, punching bags on the Super Training screen, or simply fight Pokemon. The most efficient and quickest way to EV train your Pokemon is by battling but there are a number of important details to learn first.

items for stat boosting EV training Pokemon X and Y

Before you run out into that tall grass you need to get your hands on the Power Items. These items greatly speed the process of EV training. For example, if you battle a horde of Bellsprout your Pokemon will get + 1 atk for each Bellsprout defeated (5 total) but if you have the Power Bracer equipped you will gain + 5 atk for each Bellsprout defeated (25 total). Each of these items can be obtained from the Battle Maison in Kiloude City for 16 Bp a piece.

Finding horde battles is very simple, all you need is a Pokemon with the move Sweet Scent. If you don’t have Sweet Scent you need to get it. A few options are available but some of the best are Tropius, who has the ability to also fly or if you want something more simple you can go catch an Oddish from route 7 (or level up a Bulbasaur). The best moves for quick horde battles are multi hit moves such as surf, rock slide, and earthquake.

Horde battles for EV training and hidden ability in Pokemon X and Y

The Battle Maison has all of the Power Items you need for EV training, but getting them may take a little while. To get all six Power Items you will need 96 BP total. Once you start winning the amount of BP you get for winning increases, plus when you beat the champion you get even more. It shouldn’t take too long not to mention, you can do a variety of different battles such as rotation battles and double battles. As a note, your Pokemon do not gain experience in the Battle Maison.

You could begin to EV train now but Pokerus will speed the process even more. Pokerus is a spreadable virus that doubles the amount of EV gained. Yes, this will cut your time in half. Finding Pokerus in the game is extremely rare and you are better off trading for it over the GTS. If a Pokemon in your party has Pokerus it will spread to the others as you battle. If you have any Pokemon in your party with Pokerus at noon or midnight (even if you aren’t playing) they will lose the disease and can not get it back. You will know they have lost it because a little pink face will appear next to their markings.

Remember that the Pokemon getting EV’s does not have to be the one fighting, it helps to have a Pokemon with an all hitting attack (such as surf) to do the actual fighting. Once you have Sweet Scent, Pokerus, and the Power Items all that is left is to find the right Pokemon to fight. Keep in mind that the offered positions for EV training in this guide are not the only places, the Kalos region is full of different places and Pokemon. Here are a few different options for EV training each stat:

  • For HP training fly to route 5 to fight Gulpin or fly to The Pokemon Village (or route 20) to fight Foongus
  • For Atk training fly to route 19 to fight Weepinbell or fly to route 14 to fight Bellsprout
  • For Def training fly to Terminus Cave and fight Durant or fly to route 10 and fight Nosepass
  • For Satk training fly to Frost Cavern and fight Vannilite or fly to route 21 and fight Spinda
  • For Sdef training fly to route 7 and fight Hoppip or fly Reflection Cave and fight Mime Jr.
  • For Spd training fly to route 16 and fight Murkrow or fly to route 8 and fight Wingull

Super training screen for EV training in pokemon X and Y

Here are a few additional notes to ensure no problem occur during your EV training. Be sure to not knock out the wrong Pokemon because you will gain the wrong EV. Remember that if you need to have Exp. Share on or the Pokemon not battling will not obtain EV’s. If you made a mistake EV training you can go into Super Training and use a reset bag to erase all EV’s gained. If it is raining in-game you can not EV train. Equip the specific Power Item related to the stat you wish to increase. Each stat can gain 252 effort values but a pokemon maxes out EV training at 510; this means two stats can be trained until they are max and then the remaining 6 effort values can be used on whatever other stat you like. To see the EV training progress check the super training screen.

Pokemon X and Pokemon Y have improved upon the process of creating excellently trained Pokemon. Finding out the EV’s and IV’s for Pokemon is a simple process when you understand what you are doing. For a looking into breeding visit the guide below. Once breeding is finished EV training is the next step. After EV training is finished your Pokemon are ready to gain levels and conquer the world.

By Garrett Jutte
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