Subway Poisoning Their Bread?

Subway Poisoning Their Bread
Countless numbers of customers have craved a foot long Subway sandwich. Customers will walk into one of the 41,262 Subway restaurants listed on the Subway website to be greeted with a smile by a Subway employee behind the glass counter. The customers look at all the delicious meats, cheeses, lettuce, diced tomato, etc. set neatly and organized for preparation. The Subway employee asks the customers what they would like to order. Customers look up at the bright menu to tell the employee the kind of foot long they would like to order. The Subway employee then asks, what could possibly now be a poisoning question, ”What kind of bread would you like?”

Many used to take delight in picking from the selection of delicious bread. There is an assortment of white, wheat, jalapeno, cheese, Italian, cheese, etc. that can be placed in a warm toaster oven to melt the cheese over the meat of the customer’s choice. Many families have chosen Subway over many other fast food chains to enjoy a quick satisfying, healthy meal. Little did the public know, according to NY Daily News, Subway has been using a flour-bleaching agent banned in Europe and Australia called azodicarbonamide. Azodicarbonamide is used to help dough rise faster. Reportedly this same additive is used to make yoga mats and the soles of some sneakers.

Reported by the Food and Drug Administration, azodicarbonamide cannot exceed 2.05 grams per 100 pounds of flour. How the public is supposed to figure out the chemistry in the sandwich just ordered is not clear. Eyebrow raising questions fill the Internet with questions as to why the Food and Drug Administration would allow a chemical, if possibly taken in a high enough dosage, could poison unsuspecting customers causing life-threatening illnesses. Much of the public loves a good subway sandwich served within minutes, but not at the cost of their life.

CNN reported a blogger by the name of Vani Hari had written about Subway ingredients since 2012. She launched a petition with 67,000 signatures to get the restaurant to stop using azodicarbonamide. She reported that other popular fast food chains such as McDonald’s, Starbucks, and Arby’s uses the same chemical in their ingredients. McDonald’s responded by stating that there are variants of the chemical that can be used safely in food. Not many want to digest the chemical used to make their sneakers.

There was a time when spectators could stand outside of a bakery window to watch the baker make warm, fresh out-of-the-oven bread. The baker needed water, yeast, salt, vegetable oil, sugar, flour, and a hot oven. Some remember grandparents making bread, it would bake in the oven for quite some time. There was not an urgency to get the bread to rise quickly. Much of the world has a desire to have needs met right away. Some businesses focus more on quality than quantity at the risk of a consumer’s life.

The almighty dollar drives many to cut corners, slice throats, deceive, and cover-up. The bottom-line profit becomes, for many corporations, far more important than human life. Walking into a restaurant ordering a meal will not be the same for many. The question of whether or not rubber, or lead, or small doses of government approved poison could possibly be on hidden on menu. One question that many Americans are pondering…how much is it to grow a garden?

Editorial by Meleika Gardner

NY Daily News


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