Alfonso Cuaron to Produce Television Show

Alfonso CuaronAlfonso Cuaron is to produce television show Believe. The news comes less than a week after Cuaron became the first Latin-American man to win the Academy Award for Best Director for the movie Gravity. That movie won seven Oscars and hopes will be high that Cuaron can have the same success with what promises to be another exciting and spellbinding project.

The show tells the story of a girl, Bo, played by Jonny Sequoyah, with supernatural powers. Among those powers are levitation, telekinesis and the ability to see into the future. She can also control nature. The girl, too young to understand her powers or how to use them, is in danger as wrongdoers with plans to use her powers for their own purposes try to capture her. In order to protect her, Delray Lindo and Jack McLaughlin are brought in.

Cuaron is not going to produce the television show alone. The Mexican star will team up with Hollywood veteran producer J.J. Abrams who has made his name with the hits Lost and Star Trek. That experience will be invaluable to Cuaron. While Cuaron does have some background in TV, it was a long time ago, on the Mexican fantasy-horror TV show Hora Marcada. Abrams, meanwhile, knows a thing or two about producing  a TV hit in the supernatural genre. He was the executive producer of 115 Lost episodes, a show that won the 2006 Golden Globe for Best Television drama and the Emmy award in 2005 for Outstanding Drama series. With their awards, talents and experience combined, Cuaron and Abrams look set to make the TV show Believe a success. Most helpful in achieving that success though is the excitement both men have expressed for the project.

The project is exciting for Cuaron for one main reason: it is not Gravity. Cuaron had serious issues with getting that movie made, a process which he diplomatically said transformed him at the Oscars and joked it had made his hair grey. But it was also during that seemingly never-ending process that the idea of Believe came to Cuaron. Not long after his inspiration, Cuaron approached Abrams with the idea and Abrams responded with great enthusiasm. Abrams says he saw it as a big opportunity for his Bad Robot productions company and snapped it up.  Cuaron has said he is excited about co-executive producing with Abrams. The two met a while ago, and Cuaron was a fan of his work, and looked forward to one day working alongside him.

Another part of making Believe that Cuaron is looking forward to is getting away from people floating around in space. He wanted to be on the ground, filming in real locations, filming real people. Some of those people, the actors in the show, which also stars Jamie Chung and Kyle Maclachlan, also said they were pleased to be filmed by Cuaron. The Latin American has already directed them in the show’s pilot but it is not confirmed if he will helm the show’s upcoming episodes.

The news Cuaron is to produce a television show has been met with anticipation by the media and fans of his style. And no doubt by fans in his home country of Mexico, too. Cuaron said after winning the Oscar that he hoped the victory would bring more attention to Mexican film-makers and culture. With TV currently experiencing a golden age, Cuaron’s move into TV production will certainly help that happen.

Commentary by Christian Deverille


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