American Idol—Once Again, If the Song Doesn’t Match the Genitals, the Judges WILL Comment

American Idol

Seriously? It’s getting really, really old, this obsession with the genitals of the American Idol contestants. Where does the obsession with the contestants’ genitals come from? Why, from the judges, of course. If a contestant’s song mentions “man” when the singer is a woman, for example, the judges will throw a tantrum in which they must mention the fact that the singer’s genitals probably don’t match the pronouns in the song.

Do they say the word “genitals” specifically or mention the fact exactly that way? Of course not. But what they will say is something to the effect of: “Ooooooooohhhhhhhh I didn’t know what was going to happen! I was like, OH MY GOD she’s singing When I Was Your MAN  and I was like OMG you’re not a man! YOU ARE A GIRL!!! But you know what?! It didn’t even really affect me that much! I was like wow, like, it was great and you sang with such tenderness so it’s like it didn’t even really freak me out to the point of flipping over my table and run screaming out of auditorium because you’re a girl and you’re singing When I was Your Man when you are actually a GIRL and did I mention you’re a GIRL???”

During tonight’s performance, the fantastic Malaya Watson sang the beautiful Bruno Mars song, and it was great. The judges, however, had to make a big f****** out of it.

You know what, Jennifer Lopez and everyone who works at American Idol? GET OVER IT! Why are you such an infantile, 1950s-mentality dummy? I mean, you’re beautiful and all, but for goodness sake, WHO CARES if a girl sings a song from a man’s perspective? Maybe you’re too beautiful to be intelligent enough to comprehend that we’ve moved past such black and white definitions of gender. Oh, is saying because you’re beautiful you’re a moron a stereotype? Sorry. When you stop boxing people into stereotyped gender roles to the point they cannot utter a different pronoun from what they appear to be without your making an inane comment, then I’ll stop saying you’re a beautiful idiot.

Tonight’s outburst from Judges Jennifer Lopez and Harry Connick Jr. was almost a carbon copy of their nonsense when former contestant Keith London sang If I Were a Boy. During that performance, they rudely flipped out, whispering to each other how freaked out they were that Keith London, who is, by all accounts, a boy, was singing If I WERE a boy.

The judges didn’t know what to make of it, because they are apparently very stupid. They chastised London for his choice of song and said it was “bizarre” and that they didn’t know if he was trying to be “cute.”

Newsflash, Jennifer Lopez—not everyone’s outward appearance matches their gender identity. Some people’s gender identity does match their outward appearance but they relate to the song in some way. Either way-WHO CARES?!?! Jennifer, you’re one of the only people in the United States pitching a fit over the fact that the contestants’ genitals don’t match the song they are singing.

It’s so, so, so breathtakingly stupid to make an issue out the mismatch between the contestant’s genitals and their song choice that I can’t believe it is even being discussed. Jennifer, even Pat Robertson accepts and champions transgender people and the facts about gender identity, be that identity part of  a fleeting moment on the American Idol stage or for a lifetime. I bet if Robertson listened to Malaya’s song, he wouldn’t bat an eye. Think about that.

American Idol judges, please, please, please stop with the tantrums about the contestants’ song choice presumably not matching their genitals. You are the bizarre ones, and no one cares about the contestant’s genitals but you. And that, in itself, is way more creepy, weird, and strange than anyone who sings a song in which you deem the pronoun to be wrong.

By: Rebecca Savastio

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  1. Shame   March 27, 2014 at 6:34 pm

    No disrespect to any of the singers because the Judges put you there to begin with. I don’t see any Idol STARS to choose from.

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