Chris Brown Battling His Demons Again?

Chris BrownGrammy award-winning artist Chris Brown is possibly fighting his own demons yet again. When an individual is fortunate enough to have privilege laid at his or her feet along with fame and fortune as Chris Brown has, many believe that individual should protect that privilege like bars of gold. Chris Brown, 24, was arrested Friday afternoon in Malibu, California for violating probation. Many see Brown as quite lucky, but it appears his luck is running out.

Los Angeles county sheriff’s deputies picked Chris Brown up for allegedly leaving the Malibu rehab center and booked him at the downtown Los Angeles jail without bail, according to TMZ. Brown had reportedly been living in the rehab center for several months. He had been ordered by the court to anger management treatment stemming from his Washington D.C. assault case  in 2009 against his on- and off-again girlfriend, pop star Rhianna. Los Angeles Times reported that the judge ordered the platinum-selling pop star to remain in the rehab center until his Washington D.C. assault case went to trial. The report goes on to say that Brown had been kicked out of the Malibu rehab program for a violation not having anything to do with anger, drugs, or alcohol. Why Brown was allegedly booted from his treatment is still unknown.

Chris Brown is no stranger to the “perp walk.“ Aside from his 1,400 hours of community service and five years probation for a felony assault on his then-girlfriend Rhianna, his temper reared its ugly head again when he allegedly punched a man near the White House, engaged in a confrontation with music artist Frank Ocean allegedly over a parking space and/or Ocean making sexual advances towards him (depending on who is telling the story), throwing a rock into his mother’s car windshield for expressing her concern that he remain in anger management,  and other instances.   Most would say this sounds like a walking time bomb waiting to happen. However, when many of Brown’s fans and supporters watch the multi-talented artist perform such hits as Deuces, Look At Me Now, Fine China, etc., they only see a young man with a multitude of talent. Much of the public sees a young man on a path to self-destruction battling his own demons. CNN has reported that the judge revoked Brown’s probation twice in the past. Though the judge reportedly received good reports on Brown’s behavior in treatment, in knowing Brown’s pattern, the judge might have taken in consideration Brown’s history of self sabotage by extending Brown’s stay in rehab until the 2009 case went to trial in the end of April.

Chris Brown, an artist with so much to lose, has many wondering why he would put his success, privilege, freedom, and life on the line over and over again. It is said that most artists, writers, singers, actors, and dancers are tortured souls who border on genius and insanity. They are able to tap into pain to produce creativity that the average man and woman cannot. Chris Brown, however, is an artist whose pain could possibly be to his detriment. No matter how many millions of fans send him love or how huge his bank accounts grow, he is tragically becoming all too familiar with the court system. While many are rooting for Chris Brown to grace the stage as a king again where he belongs, others are betting on him losing out to his own demons. Whatever force is driving Chris Brown, watching a brilliant man destroy his dream is not a performance anyone wants to see.

Opinion by Meleika Gardner
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3 Responses to "Chris Brown Battling His Demons Again?"

  1. dklfjsd   March 16, 2014 at 11:05 am

    It’s spelled Rihanna haha good job.

  2. Ginger   March 16, 2014 at 8:04 am

    Chris, you’re so much better than a Statistic! Please fight to find Yourself again and be the awesome Man that you’re meant to be. I’m praying for that, for you.

  3. fwjoy   March 15, 2014 at 11:53 pm

    I’m not sure what Chris Brown needs as a person, but I’ve always hoped that he would get better because I hate to see talent wasted. He’s so much more talented than a lot of the current young artists out today in my opinion. Maybe he needs medication, therapy and a strong Black male figure in his life that he respects and who understands him and can also temper him when it’s necessary. He also probably needs a stronger spirituality where he can learn to temper himself.

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