Ellen DeGeneres and Academy Awards Break Twitter?

Ellen DeGeneres and Academy Awards Break Twitter?

Just why this year’s 86th Annual Academy Awards is so important is a bit of a mystery; as unfathomable as to why Ellen Degeneres and instant updates by the host, and by everyone attending the Oscars, has repeatedly broken Twitter. Certainly the much loved talk show host, who has returned after a seven year break from hosting the show; as Ellen herself said, “Gosh to think that they’ve invited me back so soon,” is a definite crowd pleaser.

It is this type of wit that DeGeneres has made her own, which one reviewer called “understated deadpan” and is the reason she was asked to host this year’s ceremonies instead of the more controversial Seth MacFarlane. Not only is Ellen not controversial, “anymore” would be the appropriate way to say this since the powers that be in television-land saw fit to cancel DeGeneres’ first TV show when she “came out” back in the day, but she is loved, it seems, by everyone.

She is so popular that when tweeting her “selfies” and other snaps from behind the presenting podium the Oscars host apparently crashed Twitter, with a little help from her friends:

Ellen DeGeneres and Academy Awards Break Twitter?
Just one of Ellen’s tweets retweeted…a lot.

Anyone attempting to access the microblogging site would have been greeted by by the “Twitter is Currently Down” page:

Ellen DeGeneres and Academy Awards Break Twitter?

At one point during the evening of the Oscars, after the good old “Twitter is broken page” was up several times for several moments, a tweet about one of Ellen DeGeneres’ tweets said that this particular post had been retweeted over 319,000 times…and rising. The offending post, which was a Twitter picture, was the group selfie with Ellen, Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper, Glenn Close and a bevy of other stars, including a very happy looking Brad Pitt and a surprisingly thin Kevin Spacey. Last count of the amount of retweets this picture has accrued is now well over 500,000.

Things have calmed down a bit on the Twitter front with nary a breakdown in sight. Either Ellen DeGeneres has stopped taking all those snaps or the Academy Awards have reached that point in the evening when categories get less interesting. To be blunt, Oscars for Best: Short Film, Foreign Film or Documentary Soundtrack, et al, are highly unlikely to break Twitter when compared to Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, etc.

Somewhat incredibly, the group selfie by Ellen has been tweeted about already, and not just retweeted, because this celebrity picture has beaten President Obama’s record holding “Four More Years” tweet. The Obama tweet was only retweeted 294,133 times. Ellen’s Twitpic is still rising from over 508,000 and with its currently pace could well end up being retweeted a million times.

The popularity of a year where three films, all declared by critics and box office returns to be the best of the year, are competing for the Best Film category and where more young people are using the microblogging platform of Twitter than last year means that the repeated breakdown of the social networking site is no real surprise. Add to those facts Ellen DeGeneres and her group selfie and it is easy to see how she and the Academy Awards broke Twitter.

By Michael Smith


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