Florida Receiver Thrown Through Window


FloridaFlorida receiver, Andre Debose, was thrown through a window in Gainesville, FL on Saturday night, according to Gainesville police. The Gators’ receiver was allegedly in a verbal altercation with Victor Watkins when something that was said angered John Honeycutt.

Honeycutt retrieved a handgun, according to Gainesville police, and in his absence Watkins shoved Debose through a window. Watkins then allegedly wrestled the gun from Honeycutt and emptied the chamber by firing the bullets into the ground. Honeycutt then returned with a rifle and unloaded multiple shots into Watkin’s unoccupied SUV. Honeycutt was later arrested for aggravated assault.

Debose, a senior for the Gators, was uninjured in the incident.

By Jeremy Mika


Yahoo Sports

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