Food Optional for Breatharian Barbie [Video]


Not even a week after National Eating Disorders Week, the Ukrainian model Valeria Lukyanova has announced that she believes that she will no longer require food in order to live.  Lukyanova has become known as the real-life Barbie due to her uncanny resemblance to the plastic toy.  She indicates that she has not been hungry for several weeks and hopes that she can live without either drinking or eating.  The Barbie wannabe has a goal to become food free by choosing the option to be a Breatherian.  Breatharians believe that it is possible to exist on nothing other than light and air.

Most people following a Breatharian lifestyle believe that their bodies may exist solely by either the energy in sunlight or the life force known in Hinduism as prana.  While there are many ways of thinking and forms of religion which condone fasting, these fasts generally last a specific length of time.  The teachings of Breatharianism, however, call for the member to fast in perpetuity.  Some Breatharians, like the real-life Barbie Lukyanova, believe that the lifestyle is not only food optional but water optional as well.

Physicians state that this is not possible.  Both food and water are necessary for the human body to survive.  There is no verifiable scientific support for the claims that some people have achieved their goal and actually exist on nothing but sunlight and water.  These people claim that not only have they been able to achieve this goal, but that the practice is a skill which may be taught and learned through precise techniques.  Once the methods are learned and the goal is reached, the practitioner will no longer have to ingest food to live.

The Ukrainian model touted as the real-life Barbie appears to want to emulate the toy in more than just the looks department.  Lukyanova believes that she has an option to become a Breatharian, adopt the Barbie toy’s non-existent eating habits and learn how to live without food.  Physicians advise against this type of lifestyle.  Medical professionals assert that she will either have to eat to survive or she will die of starvation.

The model claims that she naturally looks like the doll but most experts feel that her extreme resemblance is manufactured.  The consensus seems to be that the similarities between the model and the toy stems from a number of factors ranging from heavy makeup to plastic surgery to heavily enhanced photography.  The model has not responded to questions regarding plastic surgery or to her take on a satirical video posted about her.  The video showcased Lukyanova as a cartoon undergoing extreme surgical procedures in order to look like the plastic toy.

There have been scientifically documented instances of creatures existing for an extreme amount of time without eating.  Giant Isopod No.1 which, until recently, was living at the Toba Aquarian in Japan, survived a whopping 1,868 days without food before finally passing away this past February.  Isopods in general can exist for weeks without eating but the case of No.1 is extreme.  Like the recently expired isopod and like the Barbie toy she resembles, Valeria Lukyanova believes herself to be on the pathway of a Breatharian lifestyle in which no food will be necessary.

By Dee Mueller

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