Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus Friends?


Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus have been thought of as being friends, that is until Perry made comments on Australia’s Sunrise television program regarding the kiss Cyrus and Perry had at the Los Angeles concert on Cyrus’ Bangerz tour. According to the Los Angeles Times, Perry spoke of the incident on the television program by giving her side of the story. This entails Perry trying to give Cyrus a peck on the lips, while Cyrus tried to fully insert her tongue into Perry’s mouth. Perry told Sunrise that she turned away from Cyrus, given she has no idea where Cyrus’ tongue has been.

Miley Cyrus’ tongue has indeed circulated everywhere; this past year she made it her mission to introduce her tongue during performances, photo sessions, and interviews. The majority of her Wrecking Ball music video was her naked body licking a wrecking ball. There are also photos of her touching tongues with model Cara Delevigne, and licking her shoulder on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. She has made it her goal to make her tongue a superstar. Katy Perry on the other hand, is a demure artist. She puts on great large scale performances, yet maintains a level of taste that many would file under classic. Perry does not twerk, speak of using drugs, or go nude. She is the complete opposite of her friend Cyrus.

Cyrus and Perry where assumed to be friends until Perry stated on Sunrise that she did not let Cyrus give her more than a peck for fear of the unknown, in her case stating that no one knows where Cyrus’ tongue has or hasn’t been. While Perry may have made the comments in good fun, Cyrus did not receive her friends comments with the same vibe. The proof of this is that she later tweeted that Perry’s last concern should be where her tongue had been, they should rather be on where her ex-boo’s tongue had been. She went on to write that it is a good thing that he is her ex-boo given that knowledge.

As to whether Cyrus is referring to Perry’s ex-boyfriend John Mayer or ex-husband Russell Brand is still in question. They have both been known to be womanizers. In Mayer’s case he has dated a slew of Hollywood starlets from Jennifer Love Hewitt, whom he is reported to have written the song Your Body Is a Wonderland about to Jessica Simpson, Cameron Diaz, Minka Kelly, and Jennifer Aniston. Her ex-husband Russell Brand is also a known womanizer, and former sex addict, who has been with the likes of Kate Moss, Teresa Palmer, and former Spice Girl Gerri Halliwell.

Perry may be guilty by association, but it is Cyrus who has been displaying and utilizing her tongue for more than tasting food. Either way Katy Perry did not seem to show malice in her statement, she said what the public is stating and thinking in a cheeky manner, all while complementing Cyrus’ show. As to whether Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus will remain friends is still in question, maybe Cyrus will return the gesture when Perry goes on tour later this year.

Opinion By Dony Lugo


LA Times

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