Michael Jackson Son Is Brandon Howard? [Video]

Jackson Son Is Brandon Howard

In probably what is the biggest news since the untimely death of Michael Jackson in 2009, it has been revealed through DNA test results that the King of Pop may have fathered a son named Brandon Howard. Brandon is a 31 year old singer who goes by the stage name B Howard. His mother is the gospel singer Miki Howard who was a friend of the family and was known to the late Michael Jackson. In fact, back in 1982 she went by the stage name Billy, and according to many news reports she may in fact be the same person Michael sang about in the song Billie Jean from his all time record breaking album Thriller.

Obtaining DNA from the remaining dental imprints of Michael Jackson, along with a test sample from Mr. Howard, Alki David and his company FilmOn.com have released the results of the DNA test that supposedly confirmed a 99.99% match with the late singer.  Strangely for the press conference Mr. Howard was absent and has issued a statement that he was distancing himself from this entire spectacle and that he had nothing to do with any of this in the first place. He categorically stated that the is neither interested in proving that he was the son of the late superstar nor was he after a share of the Jackson estate which is estimated to be worth $7 billion.

However, for many years Mr. Howard has been compared with the late singer superstar. He bears an uncanny physical resemblance to Michael Jackson  and the many similarities he shares as a singer with his voice and dance moves with the late Jackson have led many to agree that Brandon Howard is in all likelihood his son. Actor Corey Feldman who was a friend of both Mr. Howard and Michael Jackson has questioned the veracity of the DNA tests. This is even though personally he believes that Brandon Howard who was born on April 2, 1982 is the son of the late Jackson.

Mr. Howard has claimed that the only reason he had agreed to the DNA test was to let the truth out. He denies to be Michael Jackson’s son and admits to only being a great fan, whose music and style has been heavily inspired by the late pop superstar. Howard Weitzman who is the Jackson estate lawyer has issued a statement saying that he has never heard of Mr. Howard and that the deadline to declare oneself as a child of the late superstar has long passed. Singer Augie Johnson has stated that he is the biological father of Brandon Howard.

Mr. Johnson who was a backup singer for Michael Jackson’s album Off The Wall has categorically denied that the late Jackson was Mr. Howard’s father. He has gone as far as to state that Mr. Howard who has always been obsessed with Michael Jackson since he was a child, might be losing his mind. Miki Howard seems to agree. After singing for the king of Pop’s first solo album Off The Wall, Augie Johnson formed the band  Side Effect which included Miki Howard. Together they have another son named Nicholas. With the continuous speculation over which of the Jackson kids who are his legal heirs could be his biological children, Brandon Howard has at least with respect to appearances, for the time being been able to convince many that he is the son of Michael Jackson, possibly the very child that was sung about in the song Billie Jean, ‘the kid who is not my son.’

By Unni K. Nair

Mail Online
San Jose Mercury News


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