Selfies Shared by More Than 50 Percent of Millennials


Selfies  are shared by more than 50 percent of millennials, according  a recent survey conducted by Pew Research .It turns out that sharing is still the primary activity, and the nexus for all of the social network. There is no indication of  dramatic changes anytime soon, as the area and associated activity dominated  by those between the ages of 18 to 33,continue to evolve.

Actress Ellen DeGeneres took the concept of sharing selfies to another level, when a selfie that included a handful of celebrities was shared more 3 million times in less than one hour. The concept of the selfie does not appear to be a new activity, but what is new is the manner in which it is done.

Millennials appear to be the heaviest users of digital connections, simply because they have all grown up with the resources being always available in the 21st century. The social networks, the internet ,cell phones, and tablets are now part of the DNA. It is not surprising that no other generation is inclined to use the Internet and share as much.

The survey indicates that 55 percent of millennials have shared a selfie, on social media, while only 26 percent of the US population has had the inclination to share selfies on social media or photosharing sites.

The Millennial generation along with the selfie culture has often been described in some unflattering terms such narcissistic and self-centered. They represent a relatively large percentage of the population as they are now more than 80 million of them, but their interests are as as varied as any other group. Generalizations tends to classifys the group as being less religious, and may have views and opinions that would be considered as being more liberal than older generations.
70 percent of Millennials are likely to support same sex marriages, and they are more than likely to favor legalization of marijuana.

It has not been determined if the access to the rapid technological advances has had anything to do with shaping of the groups’ moral values and attitudes, but there is a significant gap noted in the manner in which they make use of technology. It can be readily seen in the way that social networks are used. Millennials would have an average of 250 friends, while boomers, or the now silent generation would have an average of 50 friends. The implication is obvious as more friends mean more selfies are likely to be shared and consequently selfies shared by the majority of millennials.

The criticism directed at the selfie generation may be a bit harsh, as there is evidence that the practice of sharing photos goes back to the evolution of the camera.

The word selfie, which was added to the Oxford dictionary, as the word of the year for 2013, may be partly responsible for the negative association, as it insinuates selfishness, but a recently published photo taken quite a few decades, and now on display at museum in New York shows a photographer named Joseph Byron holding a box camera in one hand, in an attempt to take a group photo of 3 other gentlemen.

It may not be much of a stretch to conclude that human behavior may not have changed much over the decades. If Mr. Bryon had access to the internet and used a high-megapixel-count smartphone, instead of his box camera, he perhaps would have  been just as inclined to share his selfies, and this may make it much easier to understand why selfies are shared by more than 50 percent of all millennials.

By Dale Davidson

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  1. Matt Chun   June 12, 2014 at 2:10 pm

    This chart suggests that Millennials have more than 250 friends —

  2. mattheww   March 7, 2014 at 10:28 pm

    “Selfie” seems like a misnomer, since the picture is usually of several people AND the photographer. Good for millennials for figuring out how to take pictures of a group without having to hand over their cameras to strangers.

  3. makingitcount   March 7, 2014 at 7:21 pm


  4. Southern Dude   March 7, 2014 at 7:06 pm

    250 Friends will you must be using the word Friends Very loosely as in Facebook , Far different from being a Friend on Facebook then being a Real Friend

  5. Southern Dude   March 7, 2014 at 6:58 pm

    Self centered is what describes the millenia generation…God help our Country so many gave their lives for so this bunch can piss it away


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