Rob Ford Going to Jail?

Rob Ford

Rob Ford going to jail? The latest news suggests that perhaps Ford is in the drug trafficking business. Sure is a busy fellow, this Ford. What with the public drunkenness, offending the media and other officials in the city and spewing racial slurs he barely has a minute to relax.

According to CBC, previously released documents suggest that throughout the investigation, Alexander Lisi and Rob Ford have called one another and spoken regularly. Apparently some of the conversations have been related to drug trafficking. Even Ford’s staffers believe that he has had involvement with drugs. So will Rob Ford go to jail? Detectives on the case continue to probe this issue and will possibly come to that conclusion.

This relationship with Lisi has been documented in photos and phone records. Lisi now faces charges stemming from his recording of Rob Ford doing crack cocaine. Its unfortunate that Lisi and the mayor didn’t think more intently on the consequences of these actions.

The police describe Mayor Rob Ford in the video allegedly smoking crack cocaine. Officers say that Ford consumed what appeared to be a narcotic by putting a glass cylinder to his mouth, lighting a flame and inhaling. Previously, Ford claimed that this video did not exist. This is rather suspicious.

The list of illegal actions that the Mayor has participated in is growing. He has purchased drugs, smoked crack cocaine, been publicly intoxicated, driven drunk, stood accused of planning a jailhouse attack and to put the cherry on the stupid cake…is also accused of assaulting his wife. So will Rob Ford go to jail?

At this point the question really should be: why isn’t Rob Ford in jail yet? It must be a lengthy process to put a politician with a wealthy family behind bars. His family has hired the best lawyers for him and have defended him throughout the process. This is a nice thing, to have such a supportive family that loves unconditionally. So will Rob Ford go to jail?

It seems incredible that there are so many citizens who support Rob at this point. He is constantly getting himself into trouble. This bodes poorly on his ability to focus on the demands of being mayor of Canada’s largest city.

One could go so far as to call into question the police in this matter. Perhaps they should pursue charges more aggressively? They ought to look into Ford’s drinking and driving or monitor the areas that he regularly frequents in order to catch him in the act. Are they doing this? Perhaps, as mentioned before, this case is just too complex for swift justice.

Will Rob Ford go to jail? We must now wait and see what trouble Ford will get into next before he is finally laid to rest as the most famous mayor in Toronto’s history; famous not for his ability to focus on the job but for his inability to go a week without some kind of extravagant story told about him.

Opinion by Nicole Drawc

The Star

2 Responses to "Rob Ford Going to Jail?"

  1. DW   September 10, 2014 at 7:19 pm

    He is an arrogant,corrupt man whose wealthy family has protected. The city police have helped ford by not arresting him on drug charges. He is unfit for public service and deserves hard prison with the criminals he so despises. The police who helped for should be arrested and jailed, and the police chief should be prosecuted.

  2. Ryder6   April 11, 2014 at 4:02 pm

    Rob Ford should go prison there are a lot of our politicians belone in prison


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