Selena Gomez Must Testify in Justin Bieber Case

GomezJust days ago, Selena Gomez was out and about minding her own business when she received quite a shock. After all, it is not every day that you get slapped with a subpoena to appear in court, but that is exactly what happened to Selena Gomez outside a local convenience store in Los Angeles; her presence is being requested in court, where she must testify as a witness in a Justin Bieber case.

While being served by a woman dressed all in black except for a hot pink scarf wrapped around her neck, Gomez remained composed and professional, taking the legal documents without any ado. She then proceeded to get into her vehicle and leave the store parking lot.

Sources speculate that the subpoena calls for Gomez to appear in court regarding an alleged assault incident Bieber was involved in back in 2012. A photographer, Jose Osmin Hernandez Duran is claiming that Justin Bieber assaulted him at the Calabasas Commons, and since Selena Gomez was on a date with him at the time, she was an eyewitness to the alleged assault and must testify during the case to give testimony regarding what she saw.

After the alleged assault, Gomez and Bieber left the scene and the photographer contacted the police. When they arrived, Duran asked officers to file a criminal report and told them he was suffering from pain. A report was filed for misdemeanor battery and Duran was examined by the Los Angeles County Fire Department.

Following the criminal report, the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office looked into the case; however, they decided that they were not going to press charges against Bieber. Duran later filed a lawsuit against Bieber claiming, at the time of the alleged assault, Gomez and Bieber were trying to leave The Commons, but they were having a difficult time because a group of paparazzi, including Duran, surrounded their vehicle. Bieber became upset when they would not move so he could maneuver his van out of his parking space and starting shouting at them to get out of his way. When they did not immediately comply, Duran claims Bieber jumped out of the van and kicked him in the ribs before punching him in the face even though he was holding his hands up and not fighting back. At the same time, he alleges that Gomez also exited the van and pleaded with Bieber to stop his attack because he was being photographed by other paparazzi.

Gomez and Bieber have had an on again off again romance for quite some time now, and it is sometimes hard to know when they are together or when they are apart. By the look of things, they have reunited once again, for now anyway. However, it will be interesting to see how the outcome of this court case and others that are coming up will affect their relationship going forward, especially if Gomez is subpoenaed to testify.

It is not clear if the legal papers Selena Gomez was given had anything to do with the Duran case against Justin Bieber, but if they are related, she must testify as to what she witnessed.

Opinion By Donna W. Martin

US Weekly

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