Terrorist Attack Claims 28


Terrorists commence attacking innocent victims wounding 113 and claiming the lives of 28.  The barrage of terrorists embarked on a railway station in Kunming, China. The suspects, dressed in black, invaded the railway brandishing knives.  The terrorists randomly attacked innocent bystanders throughout the station.  The exact number of assailants involved in the slayings is unknown and is said to have included both male and female offenders.

The aggressors’ intrusion was calculated, premeditated, and organized.  Yang Haifei witnessed the accounts and sustained injury himself.  Haifei endured injuries afflicted to his chest and back.  The gentleman was in the process of purchasing a ticket to board the railway when the chaos erupted.  He observed the executioners fiercely assaulting anyone within their reach.  The terrorists’ mass stabbing technique gave them an advantage over slower moving victims.  As the pandemonium ensued slower bystanders received the brunt of the carnage.

As these savage events transpired photos began to surface on social media.  Correspondents scrambled to remove the graphic displays of exposed men and women lying in large pools of blood.  Authorities fought through the blood shed capturing several suspects and killing five others.  The identities of the railway terrorists have not been released.  The specifics regarding which organization the terrorists are involved in have not been publicized at this time.  Recent reports have speculated that crime scene evidence points to separatists from Xinjiang.

The rush to deliver the injured victims to the hospital has caregivers puzzled as to how many total casualties there are. Although it seems the terrorist attack has claimed 28 lives, physicians have yet to rule out whether 28 is the final number of casualties.  Stabbings executed on a mass level are not uncommon in China.  However, there have been none recently reported with this degree of casualties and injuries.  Such sheerly heinous warfare tactics qualifies these actions as a suicide attack.  Wielding only knives against law enforcement equipped with guns suggests they were unwilling to exist further.

The willingness of the terrorists to sacrifice their lives possibly correlates with two upcoming political conferences.  The assemblages of the National People’s Congress and the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference are set to speak on serious issues in several weeks.  If the attacks are politically related these upcoming meetings may be a practical starting block for the onslaught.  Politically inclined terrorism is perhaps the miscreant motivation behind the awful massacre.

A common link in all terrorist acts is that no matter what country it targets it always represents an act of rage.  Incendiaries embrace this rage and use it to fuel horrific tragedies.  This foundation of rage then gives rise to a virtual palette of irrational motive, thoughts, and behaviors.  The only protection against this type of terrorist thinking is alertness and awareness.  Unfortunately, lapses in threats of terrorism only breed a false sense of security. This false sense of safety leaves countries open to attack from any terrorist. A terrorist mind running wild places citizens of any country in danger. As another terrorist attack claims the lives of 28 people, one wonders how long terrorist attacks will continue to claim innocent lives? When will humanity rise above the commitment of the terrorist to function on such an irate, savage and sadistic level of behavior?

Opinion By Ebony Waller


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