Wayne Knight, Seinfeld’s Newman, Victim of Internet Death Hoax

KnightWayne Knight, the actor who played Newman in Seinfeld, has been the victim of an internet death hoax. The actor declared himself to be alive and well, news that will be welcomed by his millions of fans. Knight joked on twitter that some people would be glad, and other disappointed, to hear the news he was very much alive.

Knight’s death was reported on TMZ, eBuzzd and a fake internet site. The death was said to have happened along route 446 near the Pennsylvania-New York State border in Eldred Township. The cause of death was reported to be a car crash with a semi-tractor trailer. Knight was said to have died of blunt force trauma, and two other passengers were reported to be critically injured.

The internet death hoax of which Wayne Knight was the victim of, could have happened to Newman in a Seinfeld episode, something Jerry might have done in an act of revenge. Newman, Jerry’s so-called evil enemy, was one of the hit show’s celebrated characters. A grouchy, mischievous and at times downright malicious postman who shared the same apartment building with Seinfeld and friends, Newman stole the show in every scene he was supposed to share.

Knight is not the first victim of a Hollywood Internet death hoax. And the popularity of them means he will not be the last. Jackie Chan was the victim of one of many hoaxes in October last year. The star took to Facebook to joke he had been both engaged and dead on the same day. And just in case anyone did not believe him, he took a photo of himself holding a newspaper with the day’s date on it.

Another victim of an internet death hoax was Lady Gaga. Reported just a couple of days ago, the announcement upset fans who posted their condolences on social media sites. Lady Gaga has been the victim of other hoaxes, too. One reported she was killed in a plane crash in New Zealand. That rumor was apparently started by Beliebers. However, Justin Bieber’s fans said they had bigger things to worry about than Lady Gaga, most importantly Bieber not tweeting.

Wayne Knight joins quite an illustrious list of other stars who have been the victims of internet death hoaxes. Other stars to have been victims include Usher, Jon Bon Jovi, The Rock, Russel Crowe and Chris Brown. A death hoax can get many stars who have dropped out of the limelight some much unwanted, or wanted, depending on the case, publicity. This was not lost on the comedian Knight who joked on twitter “does somebody have to DIE to be trending?”, before adding it was nice to be loved and he was happy to be breathing.

But internet death hoaxes are not that funny to fans. Lady Gaga’s fans have reported to be most upset by them. A poll in The Celebrity Post said that 94 percent of fans did not find them amusing anymore. Luckily for Knight, fans of Seinfeld and Newman will have quite the funny bone. And Knight’s own humorous look on the affair will certainly help those who were in anyway upset.

Wayne Knight’s status as a victim of an internet death hoax will no doubt have some fans re-watching their favorite Newman moments. And they can anticipate the star maybe turning up in the proposed upcoming Seinfeld movie. Like Knight, they will also be very glad that the star is not dead but breathing, and looking forward to when the Seinfeld movie is trending instead of rumors of one of its cult star’s death.

Commentary by Christian Deverille

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  1. Joe Blow   January 25, 2017 at 1:40 pm

    Death hoax’s are disgusting and disturbing.

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