‘Captain America’ Six Fascinating Facts

Captain AmericaCaptain America, truly a marvel from the Marvel Studios, has stormed the cinema world with a huge hit. The well-known phrase fits here well for this movie: It came, it won and, instead of leaving, it still rules the box office. Captain America: The Winter Solider overly surprised the box office analysts. The movie, directed by the Russo brothers–Anthony and Joe Russo, has happened to be the biggest opener in April and one of the top action movies of this year and also the hottest movie among the new releases. Here are Captain America six fascinating facts:

The Winter Soldier title

The character of The Winter Soldier is a ex-friend and present rival of Captain America, but the film producers at first didn’t want the character’s name to go with the title. It was the Russo brothers’ decision and they had to fight for the title. Anthony said that in the beginning, The “Winter Soldier” wasn’t in the movie title originally, but they were very obsessive about naming it Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

As they are friends in real life

A significant part of the movie is the building the relationship between Black Widow and Captain America, and fascinatingly, their real life friendship has been portrayed in the movie. The Russo brothers told that Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson are very close friends and interestingly, both of them put their own dialogues for some scenes of the film. What’s more, the directors rarely did any editing on those dialogues.

Importance on Character development

During the action sequence shooting, the Russo brothers put an effort to ensure the scenes were at a time developing the characters or progressing the plot, removing any unnecessary bits of action. As viewers love action the directors wanted to make a balance between characters and actions in the film. They stated that the relationships Captain America has with Black Widow and the Winter Soldier as the most vital parts of the film.

Inspiration behind this movie

One important thing about Captain America six fascinating facts is 1970’s political thriller movies worked as huge inspiration for Captain America, including The French Connection and Three Days of the Condor. Captain America reviews many trendy things from the 1970s, including disco music, Rocky and Marvin Gaye. Joe Russo said they had seen The French Connection 100 times and they studied that car chase frame by frame.

Sebastian Stan and The Winter Soldier

Sebastian Stan, who played Winter Soldier in the movie, when filming of his scenes, used to practice his fighting moves and stunts with a plastic knife because he intended him to look natural. He also had to go through a five-month extensive training, where he got training for the moves, mannerisms, the personality adaptation and many more to be a good fit for the character. About his preparations, Sebastian Stan told that he dug the entire Cold War history, looked at the KGB, all kinds of documentaries and spy movies about that time.

Captain America and Star Wars

Captain America six fascinating facts can’t be complete without talking about the similarities between Captain America and Star Wars.The Russo brothers feel that the story of Captain America film, thematically, has much in common with another franchise with a devoted fan base that occurs in a bizarre world. The Winter Soldier, in a sense, is an intricate villain because, like in Star Wars, he has a touching relationship with the protagonist.

By Rahad Abir

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