Jenelle Evans Putting Second Child Up for Adoption?

Evans Griffith Kaiser adoptionTeen Mom 2 star, Jenelle Evans, 22 is currently pregnant with baby number two who she plans to name Kaiser. However, it is unclear if she will keep the child, if her mother Barbara will take custody away from her, or if Jenelle Evans will be putting her second child up for adoption.

Evans already has one young son, four-year-old Jace; however, she does not have custody of the boy. Her mother Barbara took her to court when Jace was just a baby and took custody because Evans could do nothing but party, run the roads, and do drugs.

She is now pregnant with a second son with boyfriend, Nathan Griffith, 26, and sources say they are not sure if Evans and Griffith plan to keep the baby or give him up because they have been meeting with different adoption agencies to discuss their options.

If Jenelle Evans is in fact planning to put her second child up for adoption, that may be the most mature thing she could do because she continues to lead a troubled life, which would make it extremely difficult to care and provide for a newborn baby. She has talked about regaining custody of Jace for years; however, she has never grown up with enough to get her life straightened out so that she could.

Recently, while Griffith was in jail, Evans was in contact with ex-boyfriend, Kieffer Delp, and while the two argued and at one point she even called him a n****r, she seemed sad that she was no longer with him. She even made reference to Griffith saying she wished he treated her as good as Delp had when they were together. She went on to say she was only with Griffith because she was pregnant with his baby, which suggests that she does not want to be with Griffith nor have the baby so maybe she is considering adoption. However, following Griffith’s release from jail, sources say Evans confessed to talking to Delp and promised him she would never do it again.

It is unclear whether or not Barbara knows anything about the adoption rumors. Since she stepped up to the plate and took custody of little Jace, she may want custody of baby Kaiser as well instead of allowing him to the adopted out to other family. Evans and her mother have continually butted heads over Jace and she may not want her mother to have Kaiser, preferring instead, to put it up for adoption.

However, there have been conflicting reports as to whether Evans actually plans to give up her second baby. Another source close to the couple say they have been getting along great since Griffith’s release from jail on Easter Sunday and there is no way they would even consider giving up their baby.

Maybe with the help of Griffith and her mother Barbara, Evans will be able to keep her second baby and be a better mother to him than she ever has been to Jace. In addition, sources say that Griffith’s family is also excitedly awaiting the birth of their grandchild, and they plan to help Jenelle and Griffith with him as much possible. However, only time will tell if Jenelle Evans truly plans to put her second child up for adoption.

Opinion By Donna W. Martin


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