Jennette McCurdy Leaked Pictures and Refusing Kids Choice Awards

 Jennette McCurdy of Sam & Cat looses hold of semi nude pics

The hit Nickelodeon show Sam & Cat features 21-year-old Jennette McCurdy, who has gotten herself into a bit of trouble with recent leaked pictures and her refusal to attend the annual Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards. According to her Twitter, the two events are not connected. (Leaked pictures in first link at bottom of article).

Coming from iCarley fame, the Nickelodeon star has gained a lead role in Sam & Cat. She plays the role of Sam Puckett, a young female with a nack for violence and a hidden heart of gold. Ariana Grande plays Cat Valentine, Sam’s rather dimwitted but nice roommate. The two are still working on season one, but it seems some problems are beginning to boil between the two.

Saturday May 30 was the date of the annual Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards, which McCurdy did not attend even though her show Sam & Cat won the award for Favorite TV Show. In addition, Grande won the award for Favorite TV Actress, which is a bit surprising considering she plays an airheaded girl who can accomplish little on her own.

A recent tweet for McCurdy reveals that she did indeed intend to miss the Kids Choice Awards, but it was unconnected to the leaked pictures. Apparently the issues between her and Grande lead her to stand up for herself and deny the Kids Choice Awards. “I chose to not go because sticking up for what is right and what is fair is what my mom taught me…” What exactly was she standing up for? Leaked pictures? Apparently not. She said  that it “has nothing to do with pics leaked.oh you guys lol”

If the problem did not come from leaked pictures, why did McCurdy refuse to attend the Kids Choice Awards? Wages. McCurdy has been unhappy with the pay difference between her and Grande (who is apparently making much more).

If the quarrel is about money, how much is McCurdy actually making? The first season of Sam & Cat is still in production, but is scheduled for a total of 40 episodes. The second season has been announced and will host a total of 20 episodes. With that being said, Jenette McCurdy makes about $50,000 per episode.

If the leaked pictures are not connected with the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards what exactly is the deal there? McCurdy suspects that the pictures leaked from her ex-boyfriend, Detroit Pistons player Andre Drummond. In an attempt to even the score she revealed in a podcast some hurtful details about his ability to be romantically intertwined.

Jennette McCurdy of Sam & Cat most certainly did refuse to attend the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards, but not due to the linked selfies that found their way onto the internet. The issue between Jennette McCurdy and co-star Ariana Grande has yet to be solved even though the two will be working together on another season of Sam & Cat.

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  1. Dog   July 14, 2014 at 5:49 pm

    Why because she’s dating a basket ball player….Yall fags get a life

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    Well look who she’s dating she obviously has low self esteem…she’s not news worthy

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    Now that we all know that “Sam” is a woman (Not a girl!) Let’s all get on with life.

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    TOGTFO !!

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    You have WAY too much time on your hands …. this ain’t “noos.”

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      I agree that this isn’t “noos” because that is not even a real word. Perhaps you should stop being an insolent gink and grow up.


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