Kanye West Cheating on Kim Kardashian?


Kanye West, 36 and Kim Kardashian, 33 are quite the couple and they are set to walk down the aisle sometime in May. However, rumor has it Kanye West may be cheating on Kim Kardashian with 17-year-old rising star, Pia Mia.

West has been mentoring Pia Mia for quite some time now, and sources say Kardashian is less than thrilled about the arrangement because she fears he will get way too close to the young singer. While some would say Kardashian has nothing to worry about because West loves her and the life and family they have made together, others are quick to remind her that he is still a man and there is always the chance he will cheat if given the opportunity.

West has been busy producing some of Pia Mia’s tracks and he is super impressed with the young talent. He even believes that she could be the “next big thing.” In addition, he has been very open regarding his feelings about Pia Mia calling her fresh, new, and hip. He has even compared her to Rihanna. As long as his thoughts are professional and he does not cross the line, all is well, right? However, sources say their relationship may be a bit more than professional. According to some reports, West and Pia Mia were overheard talking on the phone and it did not sound all that professional; in fact, it sounded more like two people who were romantically involved and were flirting with each other.

To make matters worse, Pia Mia posted a photo on Instagram that got the rumor mill swirling even more. The photo shows her standing on a balcony, overlooking a city, in what appears to be a black staples dress. She is gazing back over her shoulder at the person taking the photo, but the caption that accompanied the photo is what really got everyone’s attention. She wrote, “@TheOtherWomanMovie trailer… the story of my life. Guna be so hilarious.”

Does Pia Mia’s cryptic caption mean Kanye West is cheating on Kim Kardashian? Not necessarily, it is unclear exactly what Pia Mia meant but some are saying it could be interpreted to mean that she is referring to herself as ‘the other woman,’ and if so, she could be the other woman in West and Kardashian’s relationship. While no one can be sure if West would be that stupid and take the chance of losing Kim and North, it has gone a long way toward raising eyebrows and making people speculate.

Another option must be considered which is that Pia Mia’s Instagram photo and caption could be completely harmless and innocent. She could simply be referring to the movie The Other Woman, which depicts a man who sleeps around with numerous women and plays them against one another. Eventually, the women get tired of his shenanigans and they rise up and rebel against him. However, the question still remains, why did Pia Mia compare herself to the movie by saying it was the story of her life? While there is no way of knowing what she meant at this point, if she is the other woman, it does not necessarily mean that she is referring to being the third wheel in West and Kardashian’s relationship. After all, she could be sleeping with another man who is either married or in a committed relationship.

Kanye West is working so close to Pia Mia and the opportunity to cheat is definitely there, which leads everyone to wonder if he is indeed cheating on Kim Kardashian. However, just because something could happen does not mean that it actually has, and until more information is revealed, everyone is just going to have to give him the benefit of the doubt – innocent until proven guilty. Time will tell!

Opinion By Donna W. Martin


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