MTV Movie Awards Paying Tribute to Late Paul Walker

MTV Movie Awards Paying Tribute to Late Paul Walker
With Paul Walker’s film Brick Mansions opening nationwide on Friday, April 25 the timing is perfect for the MTV Movie Awards to pay tribute to the late actor. The president of MTV, Stephen Friedman, has said that Walker was a “role” model for the MTV audience. The 40 year-old actor struck a chord in the current generation of viewers and his too-early death last year became a media circus of fan grief and wild conspiracy theories about the star’s death.

Paul Walker seemed to have a deeper appeal. One that was made evident when he was cast in the Fast & Furious film franchise along with Vin Diesel. The two were honored back in 2002 when they won the MTV Movie Award for Best On-Screen Duo.

Walker’s rise to stardom was quite meteoric after being cast as Brian O’Conner in the F&F film series. There is little doubt that the actor earned his chops on these films and that his experience on the movies enriched his performances in non F&F films. Brick Mansions, which is opening April 25, is the last film he actually completed before his death and it shows a confident actor easily taking on his character in the film. The movie is a remake of the French film District B13.

The MTV tribute to Paul Walker will be hosted by his long-term co-star Jordana Brewster who also played his long-term love interest in the films. Paul died on November 30, 2013 while he was a passenger in a Porsche Carrera GT that was driven by his friend and business partner Roger Rodas. The two men were attending Walker’s charity fundraising event in Valencia, California.

In a seeming “spur of the moment” decision the two jumped into the car for a quick spin. It was when they were returning to the event that the Porsche spun out of control and crashed into a light post and a tree, exploding into flames. Both men were killed almost instantly and conspiracy theorists filled the Internet with dastardly plots which ranged from government drone attacks to assassins from the Illuminati.

Conspiracies aside, Walker’s death affected fans, colleagues, and family alike. Paul’s daughter Meadow, was the target of hoaxers who created a Twitter account and Facebook page in her name. Both were taken down after the accounts were found to be fake. In life the star was a philanthropic man who owned the charity Reach Out Worldwide.

The late star’s estate, which is worth millions, has been left to his daughter Meadow Rain Walker and his last film appearance in Fast & Furious 7, due out in April 2015, has been left in the movie with CG and body doubles used to “fill out” his completed scenes in the film.

Tributes to Walker have been done by his family, fans and his co-stars in the Fast & Furious franchise. The MTV tribute, being hosted by Jordana Brewster at the movie awards program, for the late actor will, no doubt, be a teary affair as Paul’s death has been very hard for many to accept. Viewers should have tissues at the ready for what should be a heartfelt and heartbreaking tribute.

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  1. jessica zarate   April 14, 2014 at 12:05 pm

    i miss him he was such an amazing actor we lost an angle to soon rip paul walker and may the good lord always watch over his family.


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