Rob Ford Is Human?

FordInstead of being in the news for some new preposterous stunt, Toronto’s notorious mayor Rob Ford actually showed his “nice guy” side in a recent press statement. Perhaps the media should lay off him for a short while as he mourns the death of his family friend Jim Flaherty? Fat chance of that happening. Remember, his behavior inherently attracts attention. He has, however, showed his human side in a teary press statement and one cannot help but feel sorry for the fellow.

In a heartfelt video statement posted by Global News, Ford offers his condolences to the family of Jim Flaherty and chokes up at times over the incident. He describes Jim Flaherty as a family friend and a great man. Jim was a wonderful man and did help the Canadian economy in crisis. Without his efforts, who knows where Canada would be. Those are words echoed by Ford in his statement. Ford also tweeted condolences to Flaherty’s wife Christine Elliot and their family.

Condolences poured in on all sides of the political spectrum. From Olivia Chow to councillors and mayoral candidates, the political world is reeling as the death of another well-liked politician is realized. Jack Layton was the most recent well-liked politician who passed tragically too early. Why is it the good ones die early?

This human-side of Rob Ford is apparent in his relationship with Flaherty. Rob Ford was close to Flaherty and, in fact, Jim teared up when asked about Ford’s scandal. In a quote from Global News, he said he was close with the family and that the mayor would have to make his own decisions about what he should do. He goes on to say that his family is helping him and wishing him well.

Why would Flaherty choke up about Ford one wonders? Is it because of the way the press has portrayed his friend or just simply the pain that Ford has caused his family? Everyone has a black sheep in the family and it appears that Ford is the black sheep in his. So is it bye-bye black sheep for Ford or shall we keep him around a little longer?

Sensibly calling a re-election, Ford has shown great courage and self-confidence in his own ability as mayor. He is determined to be a good mayor and often touts his own accomplishments when people doubt his abilities. Apparently what he does on his own time is unimportant. Unfortunately, when you live in a fish bowl, this is just not true. The reality of the situation is that his actions are indicative of his personality and this affects what type of mayor he is.

There is another facet to the human-side of this controversial character. Even though Ford has embarrassed his family and done countless things to disappoint them, they support him and so did Flaherty. Perhaps there is more to the Ford character than meets the eye? Maybe he is a good guy underneath it all? Everyone makes mistakes and even though Ford is drowning in the deep water he poured himself in, he is after all, just a man whose friend died.

Opinion by: Nicole Drawc


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