Sci-Fi Fans Rejoice, Farscape Is Coming Back

Fans are beginning to rejoice with the recent confirmation that the science-fiction television show Farscape is coming back as a movie. While speculation about a movie follow-up to the popular television show has been rumored ever since the show went off the air, Rockne O’Bannon who created the hit series has officially confirmed a movie is in the works.

The show, which aired on the SyFy Channel in the US, is originally a Australian series. Farscape was produced by Jim Henson Productions and Hallmark Entertainment. The series ran on the SyFy channel from 1999 through 2003 and consisted of 88 episodes and a 2-part mini series called Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars.

The story told the adventures of a NASA astronaut John Crichton, portrayed by actor Ben Browder, who is thrown into another universe through a worm hole. Crichton is accidentally dropped into the middle of a Peacekeeper force chasing renegades trying to escape in a living ship. Crichton ends up with the renegades, that are strange aliens created by the minds at Henson’s Creature Shop. The series would go on to tell the story of Crichton trying desperately to return home while running from the Peacekeepers.

Sci-fi fans are rejoicing because with the news that Farscape is coming back, the hope of some answers of what happened to Crichton and a renegade Peacekeeper he fell in love with. Peacekeeper Aeryn Sun, played by Claudia Black, and Crichton over the four years of the series had fans wanting them to become a couple and at the end of the series, Aeryn revealed that she was pregnant right before she and Crichton appeared to be killed.

Both characters were brought back for the Peacekeeper Wars mini-series, when a group of powerful aliens realized that their deaths were a mistake and brought them back to life. Now the movie will continue the story. Reports are that the new movie will follow the adventures of Crichton and Aeryn’s child.

After the original series and mini-series ended, Farscape fans were able to get more of the on-screen chemistry between Browder and Black when the two joined the cast of the series Stargate SG-1. Browder again portrayed a human and Black played an alien. On Stargate, Black’s character was much more of a free spirit compared to her Peacekeeper soldier character from Farscape.

In a recent interview with Jim Henson’s son Brian, the current chairman of his father’s company, Farscape was brought up. Henson was cryptic with his answer, not wanting to comment on Farscape at all. This gave fans the hope that something was happening. Then O’Bannon let the cat out of the bag at this weekends Wondercon convention in Anaheim, California.

While Sci-Fi fans rejoice with the news of Farscape coming back, there is even more news for both science fiction fans and fantasy fans that came from the recent Henson interview. Henson reviled that there is a Dark Crystal sequel possibility. The Muppet Master said that the script is finished and that he was very happy with it. What is holding the sequel back is production on the scale it needs. Henson also said that a Fraggle Rock movie was in development.

By Carl Auer


2 Responses to "Sci-Fi Fans Rejoice, Farscape Is Coming Back"

  1. Aram Brazilian   June 19, 2014 at 9:39 am

    For my time (and money), Farscape is the most creative and entertaining sci-fi show out there… I cannot get enough.. so psyched about a movie, but really want more seasons of the show… forever!

  2. SnakeTheFox   April 26, 2014 at 12:51 am

    You may want to watch it with the spoilers. I get that it’s a series that ended a decade ago, but new content, especially a feature-length film, will always bring new people to watch it, and you literally spoiled the climax of an 88-episode series in your fourth frelling paragraph!


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